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Handyman Apps for Expanding your Business

In the present era, it has become difficult to look for handymen. People who do small tasks efficiently are hard to find. For this purpose, the handyman app concept was introduced. These applications were designed to connect handymen and customers. If you want these jobs, you can list your services on the following apps. People will contact you if they are looking for similar services.

Here are the 10 best handyman applications for you.

1. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit application is beneficial for small jobs as people look for workers to do various tasks like assembling flat-pack furniture, simple carpentry tasks, essential repair services, mounting mirrors, TVs, and lawn care. You can hire any serviceman from the application, from landscapers to cleaners, plumbers, makeup artists, electricians, massage therapists, and even pet trainers.

This platform allows you to make a profile for the clients with necessary detail like experience and skills, reviews, and pricing. Joining TaskRabbit is easy, and based on your area, the handyman app offers you a wide range of job options.

TaskRabbit gives you options for contactless services and allows you to handle payments through a secured system. Same-day booking, 24/7 support, and price comparison are some of the best features of TaskRabbit.

2. Angi

Angi was formerly known as Angie’s List. It is a popular revenue generation app for handyman that handymen can use to find clients. This particular platform focuses more on the home services such as debris removal, fixing appliances, and several other basic handyman tasks.

This platform is ideal for skilled handypersons with relevant experience. Whether a home enhancement project or cleaning doors and windows, a handyman can manage their daily tasks efficiently.

The jobs in Angi are tailored for residential services. In short, anyone can look for more jobs that fit your needs.

3. Handy

It is a popular app for handyman. Handy allows all the customers to book electrical services, plumbers, or cleaners in a minimum amount of time. The app can be easily navigated and comes with a swift user interface that makes things simple for people to figure out its operations, like confirming the bookings.

Handy comes with a location tracker, allowing the customers to follow the professional who is hired for the task. Also, people can rate and review the professionals based on their experience.

The platform instantly connects a professional and the customer so that they can discuss the problem. Also, you can manage your bookings for a later date easily.

4. Urban Company

Urban Company has introduced an all-in-one app. Consumers can book various services from this platform. And if you own a handyman business, this app is beneficial. It provides its services in many countries.

The app allows the customers to book electrical repairs, deep cleaning, movers, and painters in a minimum amount of time. The company is continuously updating the app, making it more user-friendly.

The app has a minimalist and clean design, and customers can easily navigate it. You can showcase the kind of measures you follow and incorporate your detail in the app to mention the services you offer to the customers. The users can easily discover you while looking for similar services.

5. Thumbtack

Thumbtack has become a convenient application for handyman business owners. This app provides an opportunity for handyman contractors and owners to connect with the customers who are looking for their services.

This app follows a modern approach and allows the customers to find expert handymen near their locations. With top-quality images and plenty of white space, the app is designed to make things easier for people to discover your business.

Your customers can compare looks and prices through the reviews your clients and other customers give. This app is perfect if you are looking for simple design inspiration.

6. Handy (Pro)

Handy (Pro) is like an uber for a handyman business. Because when you register with this app, you can get in touch with more jobs, and it is more like an agent than an employer. Moreover, you can work for yourself and build your clientele on this platform. This app opens a door of fortune and gets you into many job opportunities.

The application screens you based on your license and experience for security purposes. You can make money per job or hour as well.

In addition, it has made payment transferring easy. Thus, the payments for your service will be deposited into your bank account directly after you have completed the promised task. Also, you can choose when to work. You can create a schedule or customize things the way you like; it is up to you.

7. Joist

Joist is more of a professional app for handyman owners. Here, invoices can also be sent, along with the payment request on the go. It is a versatile application and can work on the web, mobile, tablet, and other devices.

Estimates can be created with this application in a single flash. You can use the line-item list for the on-site calculations. Before deciding the price, Joist considers materials cost, square footage, and several other factors as well. You will not suffer any loss.

So, after you have itemized the task, a professional estimate is created that you can email to the client or show your service in person. Right from that place, the customers enjoy the option of paying a direct invoice to you. Joist allows you to save time and create more job opportunities.

8. AllBetter

AllBetter has proved to be a very reliable online application that allows people to opt for handyman services. This app for handyman service providers is put to use for hiring local handypersons for household services, repairs, and other maintenance works.

This app allows the handyman business owners to know what kind of things the customers have used earlier for planning things accordingly. Handyman service can be scheduled within a few minutes through the AllBetter handyman app.

You can easily showcase your services on the handyman app. Whenever a customer searches for the service you appear for, you will pop up in the list, making things easier for the customers to book your service and get their tasks done straightaway.

This platform is especially better for replacement and repair services. So, if you incorporate these two into the list of services, you can attract more customers.

9. Porch

The Porch is one of the best handyman apps available out there. It does not matter what service you offer; you can always use this handyman app to display your service menu.

This app provides all services, whether fixing electrical appliances, electrical tasks, furniture assembling, security installations, etc. The best thing about this app is that it offers home services for some of the most reputed brands, such as Bing, eBay, Walmart, and other reputable brands.

The contractors can place themselves on Porch based on their work and add the zip code where they operate. A pricing model is there in Porch for every zip code and service. Porch always helps a handyman business owner or service provider expand the business by attracting more clients and people to the service.

10. BrightNest:

BrightNest is a popular handyman app that allows the service providers to list what they do for the people. Also, you can put essential tips for your customers to manage their households easily. This app is especially helpful if you offer cleaning services and simple interior designing services.

BrightNest has a straightforward and convenient interface that makes the app extra valuable. You can customize the things you offer, and a reminder option is also there to remind your clients about your visit.

You can easily schedule your tasks and launch different deals. This app is perfect for you if you are a beginner in the field. You can also use it to create a buzz about your services in your locality.


You can generate decent income by listing your services using handyman apps. All these applications will help you to expand your business within a short time.

However, whatever you do, stay loyal to your customers and facilitate customer satisfaction, or else things may not work out as you have planned. Because people can review and rate your services, poor ratings will certainly affect your business.

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