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On-Demand Dog Walking App Help in Business Growth

Millions of people worldwide are fond of pets. Among the varieties of pets available, the most preferred pet is a dog.

And why not? After all, dogs are cute, fluffy, and considered man’s best friend since early times. However, a pet dog comes with many responsibilities, such as training them, feeding them, taking them for a walk, playing with them, maintaining their hygiene, and keeping them vaccinated.

Lack of time may make it difficult for most dog owners to take proper care of their loving pets. Though you cannot allow someone to enter your premises and look after these cute fellows, you can accompany them with trained attendants while they go out for a walk. If this idea amazes you, a dog walking app like Uber is perfect for you!

A dog walking app is in high demand these days. Such an app lets your dog have professional assistance who can take proper care. Additionally, you can run a flourishing business with this app. The only important thing you need to consider is hiring on-demand dog walking app development services from a reputed and trusted brand.

So, what exactly this app does, and how is it a great business idea? Let’s explore it through this post.

What is an On-Demand Dog Walking App?

An on-demand dog walker app is a boon idea for startup businesses. It is a scalable and efficient mobile app solution that fulfills the various needs of a dog owner.

This app is loaded with various features and helps businesses assist customers in handling and managing their dogs safely. Customers can make real-time bookings, and on-request are provided with skilled trainers and attendants who take care of their dog.

How Does an On-Demand Dog Walker App Works?

The on-demand dog walking app is based on a simple methodology where the dog owner needs to register himself and provide his and his pet’s details.

The app has various categories like walk, medication, vet, and others. The dog owner can book the needed assistance under a specific type and the date and time of the requirement.

The app finds a perfect match to the owner’s requirements, and a dedicated expert visits the pet owner. The owner hands over his pet to that professional and once the task is completed the attendant greets back the pet to his owner.

The attendant is paid through cashless payment when the service is over, and the app owner earns a certain amount.

Benefits of On-Demand Dog Walking App for Businesses

Pet owners love their pets, but they don’t have enough time to take adequate care. For this reason, there was a deterioration in pets’ health to a great extent. But with a dog walking app like Uber already being developed in the U.S., there is a massive improvement in pets’ emotional and physical well-being.

As per the latest stats, the number of people having pets in the last 30 years has increased from 60% to 70%. Moreover, the app comes with numerous exclusive features, which makes it a great business idea for startups or new investors such as:

  • This user-friendly app allows users to get quick help as and when needed.
  • The app allows seamless communication between customers, app owners, and professional attendants through email, text, or call.
  • Premium insurance and 24 x 7 assistance are guaranteed features of this app.
  • Businesses can secure quick payment and smooth transactions via this app.
  • Pet owners and attendants can upload photos, videos, and chat messages related to pets on this app.
  • The app comes with rich-customization capabilities and lets users track their pets with attendants to gain peace of mind.

How an On-Demand Dog Walking App Can Help Your Business Grow

If you like the idea of developing an on-demand dog walking app, you must learn about the various ways how this app can help you earn high revenue.

1. Get Paid for Offered Services

The simplest way to make money from your app is the earnings from walker services offered to your customers.

2. Offer Yearly/Monthly Membership Model

Pets go walking every day, and hence, most customers prefer picking a monthly or yearly membership model. With the lumpsum amount of fees you receive, it is possible to expand your business and raise funds for the company.

3. Earn Revenue Via Commission

You can also earn high earnings in commissions received in exchange for the services. The service availed from your app brings you a dedicated commission amount every month.

4. Earn Money Through Ads

To continue serving your customers in a timely and professional manner, you need to pair up with agencies that provide services to pets. A good sum of revenue can be earned by conducting ad spaces for pet care agencies such as pet food outlets, pet accessories stores, veterinarian hospitals, etc.

5. Paid Promotions for Service Providers/Agencies

The pet agencies in the market also wish to expand their business. They will register to your business app. You can create private groups to rank high on the app’s listings. You may bring paid promotions to them to get paid a considerable amount and publish their name at the top of the customer’s queries.

6. Surge Charges

This model works like the Uber Clone app and can significantly increase your revenue. You may place a time zone when the walkers are booked and apply a surge or commission charge to continue booking them at a specific time.

It is a great way to earn more profit in specific time zones and experience more bookings for other times. It results in an even distribution schedule for dog walkers.

What is the cost for On-Demand Dog Walking App Development?

The development cost and time for such an app depend on the customized features you want to incorporate into your app and the hourly rates of the development company you hire.

An app with minimal features takes less development time and costs less than a feature-rich app.

But already, there are various similar apps available in the market. So, we suggest you build an app with rich features that serve an excellent experience for you and the users.

Based on your budget, we can always provide the best solution.

Which is Better – A Clone App or an Original Version

An original app is always better. But if you are on a tight budget, there is nothing best than a cloned dog walking app like Uber. A cloned app involves less effort, cost, and time, and the great thing is that you can add customized features to a clone app.

Hence, get a clone app built by an expert to get a customized version in less time and budget.

How Can we Help?

A dog walking app is a promising business solution. But you need to partner with a trusted and renowned on-demand dog walking app development company like ours to get a scalable and successful resolution.

If you are willing to invest in this fantastic business idea and have a limited budget, we can provide you with the finest solutions. We provide innovative solutions and have the experts for you.

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