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Key Features of Whatsapp Clone Script In 2022

Today, technology is an integral medium for maintaining connectivity and communication between loved ones, friends, and employees. Messaging applications like WhatsApp are the common and popular solution for this.

WhatsApp has gained global popularity within a short period. Because of immense popularity, Whatsapp is one of the prime mediums of personal and commercial communication.

Many ecommerce businesses are running through the Whatsapp channel, while retail and traditional businesses are switching and updating their business with WhatsApp.

According to recent statistics, WhatsApp is the most popular cross-platform messaging application used by around 2 billion active users per month, and these numbers are constantly increasing.

The primary reason behind the increase is that many WhatsApp users have easy access to their smartphones with cheap internet rates.

Besides that, this messaging platform’s UI is extremely easy. According to the reports, around 80 percent of the global population constantly uses smartphones.

Whatsapp is a free application used by people for messaging, audio, and video calls, and recently the payment facility was also launched on WhatsApp.

It easily connects you to any location globally with a medium for messaging, sharing videos/ images, video/audio calls, GIFs, documents, etc.

It is the primary reason that many developers develop WhatsApp clone today with similar features to gain a similar user base.

Whatsapp Clone: An Overview

Technology is upgrading with new possibilities and innovations. WhatsApp clone is another step towards this.

It is WhatsApp’s duplicate or replica model with similar functionality and features. It does not need massive capital or time investment to develop and frame the WhatsApp clones.

Many clone app development companies are emerging today with WhatsApp clone development services. This facility is proving itself useful for businesses.

There is a huge scope of customization in the WhatsApp clones and developing personalized controls and facilitation.

Many Whatsapp clone apps are developed with seamless communication channels with the latest technology interface.

The Process Of Creating A Whatsapp Clone App:

WhatsApp introduced IM (instant messaging) services with several user-engaging features within the application. For seamless communication of IM, several bots, payment integrations, API for messaging, public, and group chat are available.

That is why some developers are up to creating the Whatsapp clone with upgraded APIs and chatbots with the massive scope to add novel functions and features. These clone apps are developed with high-end accessibility on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, etc. Let us understand the procedure to develop the WhatsApp clone step-by-step:


The primary stage is to gather the requirements to frame the basic layout of the Whatsapp clone app. The elements of front-end and back-end development must be included to create the layouts.

This layout helps project the overall expenditure with a standard estimate to develop the WhatsApp clone app.

UI/UX Designing:

It is an essential process while developing the WhatsApp clone app. UI/UX design relates to the development of an intuitive user interface.

As per the expert developers, the UI/UX designs must be interactive and user-friendly, and compatible with various devices.

Prototype Development:

The prototype is the replica version of the framed layout of the final application. It is developed to analyze the programming shortcomings and mistakes that you can fix while the final Whatsapp clone app is developed.

The prototype thoroughly demonstrates all the features and functions, which are closely monitored and tested.

Application Development:

It is the application development stage by creating specific links and an authentic payment procedure with the features relating to front-end and back-end functionality.

These features are pre-decided in the first stage as per the customization and requirements.

Quality Assessment:

This procedure includes several testing modules within different stages. These testing modules test the occurrence of errors and bugs in the functioning of the Whatsapp clone. These errors will be reported to the programming experts for debugging.

When the quality assessment team approves the application, the Whatsapp clone app will be ready for the final Deployment.

Final Advertisement & Deployment:

After this detailed and descriptive process, the Whatsapp clone app is ready for promotions and Deployment.

Here the app gets launched on several platforms like Android and iOS. Considering the promotions can be processed through several social media channels and platforms.

Vital Features For Whatsapp Clone App:

With the increasing popularity of Whatsapp, many WhatsApp clone development companies are emerging with technology-driven approaches and intuitive features.

According to a recent report, Whatsapp downloads have reached 40.5 million in past years. With this increasing download, the craze towards clone development is also increasing parallelly.

While the developers must include certain features in the development procedure. Below are some of the crucial features listed that you have to include in the Whatsapp clone app development:

1. Flexible Messaging System With No Text Limitations:

WhatsApp is primarily a suitable and flexible communication medium with unlimited messaging options.

Hence while developing the Whatsapp clone application, the feature of unlimited text and messages must be included. It will invite more users, and thus the download ratio will be elevated.

2. Alerts And Notifications:

Alerts and notifications are necessary to get an alarm for any in-app activity. It is one of the standard features that should be integrated into the Whatsapp clone app.

The alerts must be associated with the calls and messages while the user is offline, and it helps them get the data of offline activities such as messages and calls.

3. Video And Voice Calling:

It is the basic communication feature included in the Whatsapp clone applications. It frames the robust communication channel for seamless video and audio calls. Many Whatsapp clone apps use less data to provide crystal-clear video calls and hassle-free audio calls.

4. Privacy Features With Profile Management:

Advanced privacy features are quite necessary for WhatsApp clone apps. The privacy features allow you to set the preferences to send and receive your messages.

You can also secure your information from a particular set of contacts. the flexible scope of profile management, such as updating status, profile pictures, and who can watch and access your contacts, can be managed.

5. Media File Sharing With Enabled Location Services:

WhatsApp clone apps must have a robust media sharing medium to share images, documents, contact, videos, emojis, GIFs, etc. The media sharing can access the smartphone gallery or the in-built camera option provided within the app.

The real-time location can also be shared through the app with the integrated Google maps and geolocation services. This feature is quite helpful for ecommerce businesses.

6. Advanced Encryption And Security Features:

The instant messaging app has lots of private information and data, which might be at risk with a weak security interface.

Hence WhatsApp clone app must have end-to-end encryption securing the transferred data consisting of images, documents, and contacts.

The messages with a strong encryption feature will decrypt your data to the receiver’s and sender’s end.

7. Blocking:

It is also an essential aspect of the messaging app. there is specific suspicious contact that needs to be blocked, and hence the WhatsApp clone app must have a block option.

8. Mute Conversations:

During audio/video calls, the mute call is necessary for particular requirements. it is an ideal method to cut external disturbance. muting chats and conversations for a specific time can synchronize the communication.

9. Last Seen Information:

While using the WhatsApp clone app, you can use the incognito to lock the online availability and information. This information can be made available for specific contacts you set in your list.

10. Wrap-Up Facilitation:

While using the Whatsapp clone app for ecommerce business, there are specific cost-efficient solutions and white labeling which enable the business to expand it in a broader perspective by eliminating the glitches.


In WhatsApp App clone development, you need to integrate the crucial features with robust back-end coding and intuitive front-end development.

According to the current statistics, the daily message limit increases to 53.84 percent each year.

Hence, the idea of Whatsapp clone apps is quite a futuristic approach with robust technology integration and advanced features.

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