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As the technology grows, I believe you are aware of the Gojek App, but some guys are still unacquainted with Gojek. So in this article, you will understand what the Gojek App is, why it is trending in the present scenario, how you should plan to go with the Gojek App, and how you can take advantage of the Gojek App clone script for developing your business. All the details you will find in one article here. So, keep reading the complete article to know everything about the Gojek App.


Gojek is the one-stop shop for all on-demand delivery services. It is not limited to on-demand food delivery service but also proposes a set of other on-demand delivery services such as food delivery, laundry, courier service, and other on-demand services. In short, Gojek is the super App that facilitates access to other versatile services. The best Gojek App, the end-user does not need to install the exclusive App to avail of any assistance. With the Gojek App, access to any on-demand delivery service is possible. The development of the Gojek App is quite beneficial from an end-user and service provider perspective. “Gojek app is the one-stop solution for all on-demand delivery services.”

Latest Trends About Super Apps Like Gojek

As you know, that super App has attained its speed in terms of popularity in the emerging market, especially in India, South America, and other Southeast Asian regions. As per the San Jose model, first, it grows vertically and expands globally. At the same time, the primary objective of the Super app is to develop itself horizontally to cover up targeted geography.

Let us understand why the super App is necessary and why it is gaining popularity? As you know, we have so many applications installed in our smartphones, maybe around a hundred or more than that, but do we use them? The answer comes “No”; we only use very few of them, which is the bitter truth. Just think about how many applications you have installed on your smartphone and use them daily? The answer is “few.” You may be surprised to know that some apps you have never used on your smartphone.

So, that’s why the Super Apps came into the market and are gaining popularity.

According to the report, people usually spend half of the total time on one App, and approximately 77% of app use comes through the top three applications only. There are already pre-developed super applications in the market, but still, many are looking for Super apps. So having any Super app could be a fantastic opportunity for the business. As per the recent report, Facebook, Uber, and Amazon are also seeking any Super app to provide numerous services.

Features Of Taxi On-demand App Like Uber

If we talk about the features of taxi on-demand apps like Uber, basically three mobile applications are required: one for a service provider, another one for passengers, and one for the driver. With the Gojek application, you can easily integrate the entire application feature in a single application, and because of it, it is gaining popularity over the period.

Passenger Application Features:

  • Booking ride option
  • Ride scheduling option
  • Booking ride for others
  • Geolocation
  • Fare estimation features
  • Various payment method features
  • Integration of popular mobile wallets features
  • Driver tracking features
  • Driver profile and its review
  • POS option due to security
  • Call features
  • Trip history and save destination features

Features from Driver Perspective:

  • Accepting ride
  • Route optimization
  • Quest earning
  • Driver notification
  • Trip history and go online features
  • Status bar with earning tab features
  • Trip planner
  • Review and rating
  • Boost area
  • Driver application basic

Features from Admin Perspective:

  • From an admin point of view, features can be customized as to how you want user experience – flexible, handling, monitoring, and controlling the resources like booking, help, and revenue.

Why Create An App Like Gojek?

The Super app is trending now, and Gojek is the best app out of them. Gojek like app enables you to provide several other on-demand delivery services at one stop. Because of its versatile nature and one-stop solution, the gojek clone app is dominating user life and will continue the same. As per the report, 20,000 riders are attached with the Gojek App in about 14 countries worldwide, with roughly $1.3 billion in revenue.

Benefits Of Using The Gojek Clone App:

  • It helps to cover a wider audience
  • Helpful to gain customers loyalty
  • Save user’s smartphone space due to single application with multiple services
  • Awe-inspiring interface design with numerous payment options
  • It eliminates imbalance which eventually increases the productivity of the business

How Can A Super App Like Gojek Earn Money?

Gojek app business model has been growing due to its exceptional business model. Super apps like Gojek generate a massive amount of income every year, and it is increasing day by day because of their excellent business model. There are some following money-making strategies attached with the Super app, which is used to monetize it.

  • Commission

    Super app owners can collaborate with business stakeholders to grow their business sales and, in return, ask for the commission for each successful order made by the Super app. Apart from it, ask the business owner for a monthly commission for successful sales.

  • Customer Fee

    Super app provides a single-stop solution for all the daily needs, which is quite a convenient solution for customers to match their needs under one roof instead of moving towards more applications for several other requirements. You can ask the customer for fees to avail all the on-demand services at one stop.

  • Delivery Commission

    Suppose the driver delivers the order; he makes money per order. He needs to pay a tiny amount as a commission to the Super app for the Gojek order. As drivers have more orders, a tiny commission is being paid by both parties to the Super app, which is another alternative option of making money using the Super App.

Steps To Build A Super App Like Gojek

Super app is the single place for all the on-demand services such as food delivery, laundry service, cab service, and many more. All the application’s features are integrated with the single App, which is known as the Super app. Due to its demand and business model, most reputed organizations are looking towards the super App. So the development of the Super app has required some steps which are reasonably necessary to know prior.

Select the Platform:

At present, three options are available to develop any Gojek clone software which are:

  • Native App: It is best for a standalone application like android, iOS, and any Windows application.
  • Hybrid App: Here, only one App is developed using HTML5, which is optimized for many platforms later. Like the native App, you can install the hybrid App from the play store.
  • Web app: Website is developed with mobile optimized. Its features and looks are similar to the native or hybrid App, but it runs on the browser like any website.

One important thing, if your target visitor is not quite large, Go with the native App. If your target visitors are a large group of people, go with an iOS native app. Or, if you are targeting a vast number of people in several countries, prefer to go with the hybrid App or single App for the android platform and another for windows with the same features.

Feature List:

To make the Gojek clone app, do not forget to integrate essential features that are listed below.

  • Integration of Social Media
  • GPS
  • Multi-language support
  • Push notification features
  • For accepting payment, a payment gateway feature should be included

You can offer some features to the user by including in the Gojek clone app that are on-demand riding service, home-service, on-demand delivery service, and other courier delivery services.

Tech Stack:

Integrating multiple functionalities in a single app require the best use of technologies to seamlessly handle all features and functions.


  • Java
  • Swift
  • J Ruby
  • Golang


  • Rails framework
  • Kafka framework
  • Spring framework


  • CI Process
  • Strict-TDD on OO-codebase
  • Fortnightly release cycle

Other Important Tools:

  • For email communication and marketing: Mail Chimp, Mandrill
  • Productivity and operation: Google suits, Google Drive, and other Google productive tools
  • Productive Analytics: Integration of Google analytics and other Yahoo analytics
  • For finance, Google wallet and other square tools are the best

Design & Development

After finalizing the application goal, information regarding target audience, features, and business model, now it’s time to focus on architecture. Once you are done with the application functionalities, it’s time to focus on how end-users will navigate with the overall navigational flow in the application. Get the wireframe which helps to understand the App better. Wireframe enables you to structure the basic skeleton of the App, now no need to write any backend code. Just look how your Gojek clone app looks like, which includes buttons, pop ups, text fields, and others. If you agree with the wireframe, you can give a green signal to the developer to start to write front-end code as well as the backend code. Developers can also use the Gojek clone script, which is an efficient way to make the Gojek clone App without writing more code.

Testing and Go Live

Before making a live Gojek clone app, make sure the app is entirely error-free and ready to use. Schedule alpha testing to check functional testing, but you should test the app from an end-user perspective. If any bug persists, resolve it. Once the app becomes bug-free and ready to use, it’s time to release a Super app in the application market.

Cost to Build an App Like Gojek

Cost to build an app as Gojek varies as per the geographical location. For example, the development cost in India starts from $20 and goes up to $40/ hour while it goes from $100 to $150 in Europe and other countries like the USA.

Gojek clone app development stages:

  • Android development took around 500-600 hours
  • For iOS development: 500 to 600 hours
  • Back-end development; 700 to 800 hours
  • User Interface Design: 200 to 300 hours
  • For UX Design: 100 hours
  • For Testing and quality check: 400 to 500 hours
  • Approximate Total Hours: 2500 to 2900 hours

Why Choose Us For Gojek Like App Development?

Reading the Gojek app delivery guide, you must be thinking about getting a Gojek clone app for your business. One important thing you should note is that the best Gojek clone features can be availed only by hiring the Best Gojek App Development Company with years of development experience and proper skills.

We are much experienced in Gojek app development. We have developed many Gojek clone apps with the required functionalities and features so far that fulfill your business goal. We have a team of skilled developers and designers who hold years of experience in their respective domains to deliver many successful projects.

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