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Cost To Create An App Like Grubhub

When we think of successful start-ups, the term “GrubHub” comes to mind. These days, GrubHub has changed the way of operation of the food business. As a result of rapid technological advancements, the project has introduced a new way of eating with its distinctive characteristics and concepts to the modern world.

Using GrubHub, customers may order food from the comforts of their homes and have them delivered directly to their doorsteps. Similarly, the GrubHub clone app does! The readymade app script helps to develop your customized online food ordering app with an interactive UI. Using the app, food lovers can order and enjoy their meals at their doorstep. This mode of evolution is convenient in every manner. Moreover, these food ordering clone apps are cost-effective, ready to launch, and can be customized when needed.

Why Are Food Delivery Apps Trending? – Market Share Of Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery services such as Zomato, Food Panda, Just Eat, and Delivery Hero have grown in popularity among people, with a hike of generating 111.32 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 as revenue. Every new company owner aspires to be one of these high performers. However, as a startup, you may have difficulty seeing quick advantages. As a result, there are many factors to consider if you want to develop a Grubhub clone app in order to expand your empire. Grubhub has acquired almost 70% of its market share and is booming in the food industry.

Why Is It Advantageous To Create A Grubhub Clone App?

The Grubhub clone app is supported by industry-leading features that will help you develop your company and build a trustworthy brand. The on-demand presence of restaurant aggregators, which enables easy monitoring of orders and real-time location updates, is the differentiating feature that gives your Grubhub clone the advantage. The food delivery clone app development company will provide you with the Grubhub clone script which will create a similar food delivery app for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Grubhub?

The cost of developing a GrubHub clone application to initiate your food delivery business is often dependent on the selection of the features and their complexity. Also, the advanced features integrated into the app will impact the cost. If you want to add more features, you will have to pay slightly higher than the app with basic functionalities. Additionally, the cost of web development with a web admin panel for the same function might cost higher.

This cost of innovation is also dependent on the platform you select to develop the app, i.e., Android or IOS. Apart from this, the cost of development will depend on the customization you are planning to have in your app.

Features Of Food Delivery Apps:

When you plan to create a Grubhub clone app for your next great idea, You must keep an eye to include the features of these three must-segments such as Admin features, Customer Feature, and Restaurant Feature. When any of the companies across the world plan to develop applications such as these, they primarily focus on the below-mentioned features.

Admin Panel Features:

The admin panel of the clone app enables the admin to manage the following tasks in the app. Here all the rights are in the hands of the admin of the app.


Here, an admin can register or create his profile by using social media accounts or providing self details. It can be saved for future use to avoid frequent feeding of the credentials.

Restaurant Management:

This feature enables all the rights to the admin to add or remove the name of the restaurants from the list.

Application Management:

With the help of application management features, the admin gains the right to manage overall activities of the application using the admin panel dashboard.

Payment Management:

In this feature of the Grubhub clone script solution, the admin can track the payment details anytime through the dashboard and observe the history. He has the right to cancel or transfer the payments under critical circumstances.

Discount And Coupons:

Here, the admin is allowed to create or launch offers or any type of discounts and coupon codes to the customers so that you can create awareness of the app or attract customers.

Tech support

This feature of Grubhub clone app allocates all the rights to the admin to monitor and maintain all the activities that happen in the application. It includes tracking, order management, payments, and many more.

The most common methods for users to register on the app are via a social networking site or an email address. The registration procedure should be straightforward and fast. It must safeguard the user’s data or database’s confidentiality.

Customer Features:

This feature of Grubhub clone gives customers the right to carry out several functions using the app. So, they can experience the swift flow of using an app and show engagement in the application.


Using login, clients can create their profiles and use the application. The method to login is simplified and you can do it with social media accounts or google accounts.

Search Menu:

Here, the buyers from the app can search for their favorite restaurant or dish they are looking for delivery service. Smart search saves clients time, and they can enjoy ordering.

Payment Options:

In this function of GrubHub clone app, buyers are given a choice of various types of payment options. So, the payment can be made as per the convenience of the customer.

Order Tracking:

This feature enables customers to track their order in real time on their screen. From preparation to delivery, every small action is noticed.

Rating And Review:

Customer feedback is valued with this feature. Here, the buyers get the option to present their experience of using the app by reviewing or rating the service of the app.

Customer Support:

Customer support is the feature where customers gain all the rights to present complaints regarding any of the mistakes in the app or orders performed. They are solved once viewed.

Restaurant Features:

Using restaurant features of the Grubhub clone app, restaurant owners can maintain the activities of the order and their status.


By making use of login, restaurant owners can create their profile and use the application. The method to login is simplified as it is done by social media accounts or google accounts.

Menu Management:

Using this feature of the app, the restaurant owners can easily add or remove the dish from the pre-given list. He feels at ease in maintaining the menu as per the update.

Push Notifications:

The push notifications help the restaurant manager to view the placed order and transaction of payment in real-time. This gives comfort in managing the orders and their deliveries.

Check Rating And Review:

This is the feature of the Grubhub clone script where restaurant owners can know about the client’s satisfaction and improve as per the suggestion of the customers.

Wrap Up:

Numerous variables affect the cost of creating a food delivery clone app, such as GrubHub. The cost of creating the GrubHub clone app is decided by the features you want to add to your app, which may include location, expert help, payment choices, order status, order tracking, and more. After determining the specific features and platform type, the estimation of price can be determined.

Get in touch with us if you have an idea for a Food Delivery Mobile App; we’d be glad to help you.

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