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a Tow Truck App like Uber for your Trucking Business


Everyone wants to grow the business and wants to reach a high place. But this is possible only when understanding the intention and mind of the consumer and then working on it.

Every consumer is lazy, because he does not like to spend time on any work. The easier and better the consumer gets, the better for him. Best reason to develop a tow truck app like Uber for the trucking business Because customer wants service for himself, and low fee with the best service provider and quality work provider.

Many capabilities can be delivered to a Tow Truck App like Uber, and a platform can be provided to the customer so that the customer can more precisely achieve his wants from the provider provider.So let’s understand approximately the blessings and capabilities of the tow truck app, which could be very essential for any trucking commercial enterprise for lead generation and profit.

What Is Uber For Tow Truck?

The new era of technology is constantly evolving from ordering food to shopping for groceries. You can manage day-to-day activities online within a few taps on your phone. To keep up with emerging trends, you need to market your enterprise and be recognized as an established business.

Call’a Truckkate is a tow truck as well as on-demand roadside assistance app that helps people stuck in the middle of the highway due to a vehicle breakdown. Entrepreneurs create emergency services apps for tow trucks like Uber that offer the opportunity to help customers in desperate situations and build a solid customer base.

How Does The Uber For Tow Truck Work?

The user has to login to the app by simply entering his/her details. Then according to the user, he is given information about his all tow truck, from which he has to choose. He can choose any tow truck from the list given for himself. When you approve the service request, the customer shares his location, vehicle model number, registration number, all the details in the app.

After doing all this, the tow truck service provider arrives at the given location in less time and fulfills the requirement of the customer, after that the user has to pay the tow truck owner which can also be done online through the same app.

How to develop an On-Demand Roadside Assistance App?

There are 3 types of modules in the Tow truck app.

  • Customer App
  • What is the growth rate of your competitors?
  • Towing service App
  • Admin App

You can also add many other features to it which are needed. It is good if the user does not have much confusion, so do not add more elements.

Search Filter – The main function of the filter is to give clarity, in the same way this filter also works. There are some options in the filter, from which whatever is necessary for you has to be selected. Such as location, rates, date, etc. By doing this, only that information is shown in the app which is of your choice. This tow truck search filter gives the user a chance to clarify their specific requirement. Whatever service the user needs, he can use those types of filters to avail tow truck services for himself.

Book and tracking – With such features, the user can book the services of the tow truck for themself. Users can also do live tracking and guide the service provider so that they can reach the exact location on time.

Multiple charge methods – more than one charge alternative is very vital in each app, as it isn’t always important for each client to have the best credit card or debit card for charge. Some methods, like client-direct financial institution transfer, UPI, internet banking If you need to make a charge also, all charge alternatives have to be there.

Accept/reject reserving – This characteristic is more vital for the provider issuer than for the client due to the fact that if a client’s reserving request comes and if that provider issuer isn’t always snug going to the client’s vicinity at that point or otherwise, if he’s busy with other work, he cancels his lead in this sort of situation. Because through doing this, the client receives the concept of any other provider issuer.

Manage payments – There is also an additional feature in the admin app because both the customer and the service provider can also manage the payment of work or booking.

Benefits of tow trucking app

Multiple Sign-up / Login – Users can access the towing service through several registration solutions, including login in with an email ID and Facebook. The system only accepts on-demand towing systems by authorized users.

Geo Live Tracking – Users can order services by accurately indicating the driver’s location. Users can also track every move of the service provider through the real-time geo-tracking service.

Toggle Availability Status – Service providers can turn accessibility on or off with a simple gesture. Toggle state and make your presence visible to the system.

Easy Profile Management – Both users and service providers can easily set up and manage their profiles. You can set up your profile with one click.

Invoice Generation – All essences of the service will be generated in the form of invoices after completion. The invoice includes the type of service and the amount charged for it.

Instant Chat / Call – Quickly share views, and users can communicate with each other using the available instant chat and calling options.

Secure Payment – Together with multiple payment gateways, users can make simple transactions through payment services. Payment can be made via card, wallet, or internet banking.

Review System – Users can share feedback and rate the services they have purchased. This little act values service and opens the way for frequent bookings.

Booking Cancellation – The service provider reserves the right to cancel any request received. Users may also cancel reservations at their discretion.

Some Standard Features Of tow truck

  • Super Fast Query
  • Travel History
  • Driver Data Management
  • Cancellation Options
  • Exact Location Feathering
  • Income Statement
  • Exact Location tracking and calculation
  • Fare Split
  • Multi Truck Category
  • Driver Online/Offline Status
  • Easy Service Setup 24/44
  • Wrapping Up

Features and benefits matter a lot if seen from the users’ perspective.

Developing a tow truck app for your tow truck consumer so that, without being told physically, he can communicate his needs to the service provider.

And its benefit is also parallel to the service provider because only verified leads come to the service provider, which means time is also saved and business can be a much better decision.

because it makes the work easier. The payment nissier is also available on time.


By getting ready the tow truck app like Uber, it enables loads of those who are caught in any nook of the world, and their wishes also can attain the provider issuer on time. and enables commercial enterprise growth.

Highly professional builders are required to make this form of tow truck app due to the fact a whole lot of superior functions should be brought to such apps in order that the purchaser can get a supporting hand.

The tow truck app can continually assist to generate time charges and a wide variety of purchaser leads, so Hire Uber Clone App to develop the app like uber for tow trucks which meets your users expectations that could be very beneficial for tow truck commercial enterprise.

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