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Those days are gone when people go for self-service laundry. Nowadays, washing at home is next to impossible, as people do not have the right materials and time needed to use during such instances. They are looking for a dry cleaning firm, near their places. So this is the best time to let them know about your dry cleaning business, and this can be possible with the dry cleaning app and with Uber Clone App company by your side, you can easily come across the best uber for laundry app. Contact the team through our website, and get your work done in no time. You will find the best help over here, with uber for dry cleaning by your side.

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Pure While Lable Solution

We provide you a complete white labeling solution, where we will integrate your band name and logo on app or website.


Our app script is easy to customize where the vendor can ask to add or remove any features in-app or website.

ETA Monitoring

To provide reliability in your service, our app script is integrated with ETA monitoring.

Online Payment

Get default payment gateway in strip and also allow you to add custom payment gateway according to vendor needs.

Uber For Laundry And Other Ventures Too

Even though Uber started with its taxi service, but now this clone script can create a whole lot of difference in normal life with some new additions and uber for laundry is one such initiative, which will shine through the light. It is rather interesting for your customers to choose the best laundry expert, and that will help in flourishing your business.

The primary function of this application is to connect you with the nearby people who are looking for dry cleaning services. Once they requested for an Uber laundry service, you can quickly get hold of the people, looking for your finest laundry package of all time and the team is all set to offer you with quick services, available within affordable rates. With the rich interface and a cloud installation package, the app is designed in the most impeccable manner of all.
It is a must have an app for you, when you are looking to do business out of it and take the lead in Dry Cleaning business. There are loads of options available, and you get to choose the best and for that, being interested in the feature is what you might want to check out on. Under the laundry cleaning services, you will receive instant and convenient booking as the best option with us. Furthermore, you can even get to add instant auto address completion, as another noteworthy feature to work on. Through this app, you will be directly connected to the people, in need of your dry cleaning service. You can visit your client’s address, as that will pop up right at your screen. Moreover, the app will offer complete help by connecting you with the customers.
Uber For Dry Cleaning – Interested Features For You

There are some interesting features, which make this dry cleaning app a significant one for the clients. A number of people are getting inclined towards it, and that will be one of the factors that should get your interest in. In case you are looking for the top-graded services, then you might have to learn everything about the uber for dry cleaning first. This is a rather interesting app and comes handy with so many added features too. You can also get hold of in-app navigation. So, you will know where your laundry boy has reached, so far, and you can give them the direction, as well. And you can always advise others to use this app as well if you want your business to flourish.

Easy navigation and smooth interface are some of the reasons behind the growing popularity of this dry cleaning app, and the best thing is that this app will connect you with needful people instantly. They will get connected to your workers over there, who are trained to handle problems, in the best manner possible and if you have any other queries regarding this app, do make sure to give us a call.

Dry Cleaner Features

Our on-demand laundry app script is available for both Android and iOS, with powerful features to take your laundry business to the next level.

New Order and Order history
Schedule booking
Order Tracking
In-App messaging
Feedback and Rating Services
SMS and Email Confirmation
Access to call the service provider


Map view

A map showing the locations of all the available dry cleaners in the area that are in a position to dry clean the selected garments at the said time will appear on the customer screen.

Schedule a convenient pickup

Customers can book an appointment to pick up dirty clothes at a convenient time. So washers will come and pick up the items at a convenient time.

Order Tracking

Provides a clear idea to the customers about the status of their order. This will help customers to make arrangements to pick up the clothes in case of any sudden outing plans.

Advanced Search by Category

Laundry app users can search using different filters and acquired special laundry services for them self.

Advance Report System

This feature helps admin to do better planning for business while checking which area to be improve required more marketing to increase commission.

License Software

In our app development, we provide you lifetime brand license for your domain, and this can be done in one payment.

Dry Cleaning Key Features

Dry Cleaning Laundry

Dry Cleaning Laundry Dry Cleaning Laundry
Uber Clone
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Ready To Go

$2999/ One Time

On Demand

As Per Request/ Custom Need

Social Media Sign in
Geo Location based on search
Schedule Booking
List of available providers
Payment Gateway (Cash)
booking details
Tracking order
Email/sms alert
Push Notification
Booking cancellation
Manage provider list
Billing history
Save favorite location
In app messaging
Generate invocies
Revenue reports
Invite friends
Add/approve new laundry
Manage users
Advance Filters

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