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Cost to Develop a Tinder-like Dating App

Currently, in this digitized world, there are online solutions for everything, including dating and relationships. Reports showed that the global revenue of the dating app market reached roughly USD 5.61 billion in 2021.

While there are multiple top dating apps and websites available with paid and free versions, one option that is a favourite of many is Tinder. It offers a fast-paced typed of dating experience with intuitive features. The success potential of meeting eligible singles is higher here. For example, 73% of college students in one survey admitted to meeting interesting people via Tinder.

It contributes to its popularity. Therefore, companies are trying to create a dating app like Tinder to experience similar success. You can take the help of expert solutions from UberClone to build a  Tinder clone app with suitable features at affordable rates.

Average Cost for Developing Apps like Tinder

Tinder accounts for a massive percentage of the overall online dating consumer base globally among the different dating apps available. The app contributes to a significant portion of the overall market value of the entire online dating app industry. Indeed, statistics show that Tinder’s average revenue in 2021 was USD 1.6 billion, even with free and paid versions.

To create a dating app like Tinder, you must pay a relatively high amount for the development. An average range of this cost would be around USD 65,000- 150,000. The development cost will be lower if you build the Android or iOS operating systems app. But for hybrid app versions, the funding can amount to the higher limit mentioned here.

Besides that, app updates and maintenance incur a portion of the overall costs, accounting for 10-30% of the full funding. Take the help of capable experts to plan your budget appropriately.

Elements that Affect the Development Cost 

To plan a reasonable app development budget for creating apps similar to Tinder, most leaders suggest studying all factors that affect it. In the case of dating apps, those are the following.

You can save a lot of your cost when you take the support of solutions like UberClone but consider these factors too.

The theme of the app

The thematic background of the app type indirectly contributes to the cost of the app development process. To simplify, if one is creating a dating app that allows users only the ability to communicate with others or check pictures, the complexity would be lesser. hence, the overall cost of development would reduce.

However, the cost will rise to create a dating app like Tinder with intuitive algorithms that match users with people close by and showcase multiple profiles in succession.

App design

The design of your Tinder clone app can bring more customers if you plan the design well. With UberClone, you can prepare high-quality and customized stylish app design elements. Or, you can take the help of other experts to prepare the layout.

Incorporate different dynamic interface features, themes, color grading, etc. Here, specific funding is necessary to get the right tools or resources for the work.

Platform for development

The operating system you focus on to create the app solution would influence the overall budget. Indeed, the cost of developing iOS apps is higher than those of Android apps.

That is because of many reasons, like Apple only using specific providers. On the other hand, developers get more variety with modules, technologies, and tools for Android app development and even easily reuse certain elements. Thus, one incurs a higher outlay than the other.

Development expertise

For the best results, companies can use experienced developers’ help to create a dating app like Tinder. These experts know how to use complex techniques and sequences for app development and help with customization for the app. Moreover, they handle different phases of the development process, from researching the market to testing the final product.

While these professionals would provide high-quality support with the process, they charge fees for their services. To plan the development cost properly, you should consider which type of developer to hire.

In-house developers
A team of expert mobile app developers would work for the company to handle all aspects of the dating app development project. However, this is primarily suitable for businesses with a lot of revenue to invest in the project since you have to pay these professionals higher fees. Plus, with most of the in-house IT team handling the development project, you may notice losses in other sections of company services.

Freelance developers
These app developers work on specific sections of app development projects within set deadlines. They offer less amount of fees compared to in-house developers. However, it is hard to guarantee the quality of their service or timely completion.

Outsourcing companies
Many businesses outsource to other companies for mobile app development. However, some companies can charge high costs for their services while lesser-cost companies may provide substandard services.

Here, using an alternative app for on-demand dating app development, like UberClone, is a beneficial option for companies.

Monetization Strategies for Dating App

While considering the total cost of creating dating apps, planning how to earn through them is also vital. Apps like Tinder acquire high revenue by incorporating innovative monetization models into their software.

When building a Tinder clone app, learn about the type of monetization protocols you can add to get similar profits.

Premium plans

These plans are a costlier paid app version with extra attractive features. With premium plans, users can also get frequent update that keeps the app stable besides more features. These apps have less distraction, as users can use the apps without pop-ups and advertisements. It incites many free app users to avail of these perks.

Third-party ads

A standard monetization model is third-party advertisements. Here, companies can showcase ads of third-party service providers on their app and earn through the promotion. You can use this tactic for a Tinder clone app.


With the subscription model, app users can choose one of the plans and register for it. Then, they would pay for advanced services on a set timeline, like yearly, quarterly, daily, or monthly. You can use this monetization model in your app solution, offering many categorized cost packages.

Include both costly and affordable plans, as Tinder does. It attracts a wide range of users, especially those in younger age groups with a lower spending budget. Here, include additional features under different plans to encourage people to subscribe.

In-app purchases

Another notable revenue model you can add to gain profits through these apps is via in-app purchases. For example, users can buy specific elements like gifts, emojis, and special icons inside the app.

Features to Add to Tinder Clone Apps

Indeed, the features you add to your app would affect your expenses and income. High-quality features would attract more consumers to pay for your dating app services.

Statistically, the cost of creating a basic app UI and standard features is USD 16,000-32,000, while preparing complex apps with advanced features can cost USD 32,000-48,000.

So, let us discuss the feature types you can add to these apps.

Here, the users add their profile information, like syncing email or social media ID with the account. They briefly describe themselves through bios, privacy settings, and dating preferences.

Push Notifications
This function allows users to get instant alerts on new messages, new matches, the number of likes, and app updates even when the app is not open.

Search preferences
With this feature, users can set the preferences of the types of profiles they want to match with. Add filters like age limit, location limit, habit preferences, etc.

Account payment
Users can upgrade their services, pay for a subscription, or buy in-app deals through this section.

With Geolocation API integration, it is easier for these apps to find suitable matches close to the user with device location information. Users can set their preferred distance limits.

Profile swipe
Add the interface settings for finding new profiles, like swiping for new matches, swiping for super-likes, etc.

Technology Behind Tinder-Like App Development

While considering the expenses of creating an app like Tinder, you must consider its technology. Indeed, Tinder has a smart algorithm that matches singles with other eligible singles of their preference. Many types of tech solutions and technical skills go into making that possible.

Developers, especially those with back-end development expertise, use server-side technologies like .NET, Java, and React to enable most of the intuitive functions.

Hiring top-level experts would cost higher. Or, you can use a reliable Tinder clone app for similar technological help without high costs.


Uber Clone App has one of the best solutions to develop a quick on-demand dating app. Get organized pre-set app templates and professional app development support here. UberCloneApp work as per the relevant industry standard and modern technology. So, give UberCloneApp a try for a smooth and cost-effective dating app development experience!

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