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You can very well see the importance of dating sites these days. And you have planned to open one as a flourishing business venture. Now, how will you possibly help the singles to know more about your dating site? By presenting them with the tinder clone, which can be their ultimate way to get hold of new and friendly people over the internet. It is the best way to stay connected with some of their prospective dates, and that will help in boosting your current dating site, to an all-new level. Our team from Uber Clone App would like to offer you with competitive help for the dating app clone script, by creating some amazing opportunities now. We have the best tinder clone app for you. So, get your business registered to create a dating app like Tinder and start on with dating business now.

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Tinder Clone Script – Reasons To Use It

If you want to create a dating app like Tinder, we are here to help you. It is always essential for you to learn a bit more about the Tinder clone app before you happen to use it and as we have designed this clone app using the simplest of all interfaces, therefore; it is rather easy for the first-timer joiners to learn the moves in no time. We can provide a feature-rich dating app clone script to help your business grow.
Thanks to this app, now you can quickly get hold of the best clone application expert, over here. The best part is that this clone application is meant for both IOS and Android users. Try to catch up with us, and we would like to offer you some promising help over here, as well. So, if you have any queries in your mind regarding the proper usage or features of tinder clone apps, then you are most likely invited to our group to come and share your thoughts with us. You can easily let your dating site flourish more with our clone site.

The Tinder clone script, whatsapp clone script or tinder like script is an open-source platform. It is extremely fast to browse, and even easy to chat with. There is no doubt the fun way to come up with some exciting dates, and that will act in your favor, too.

With the help of this Tinder dating app clone, you will have every right to create your mobile dating empire. This is the most advanced way to find some of their potential dates. But, make sure to set the notification on. Users of this app have to be an adult to be a part of this clone script. If not, then this clone script is not meant for them. We are here to deliver you with the best script software so that you can create your very own dating script, as well. This clone site can easily work just like Tinder, or better than that.

It is essential for you to get along with the best team, and we are always there by your side. This is a location-based dating app for you so that you come to know more about people, located nearby. So, you can easily attract maximum singles through this app, and encourage them to use it.With years of experience in the industry, we have gained great expertise to create a script for Tinder.

On-Demand Dating From Our Clone Script For Tinder

With the help of our chosen script, you can always get help with the best dating means. You have multiple options available, and your customers get to choose the best, as per your demand goes. They can always find their potential dates, within the said locality, as mentioned already. Once you are through with that, half of your work is done. Just be sure regarding the kind of date and the gender you want to add in the dating site and leave the rest on the software, to help you find the potential names in the kitty.

It is rather interesting for you to know how this on-demand dating clone site works. And for that, leaning towards our online site is all that you are currently looking for. You can always get to hold more about the best user profile, over here. And your clients can also get the opportunity to enjoy Facebook login, just like in the original Tinder dating site. We are going to take data from your social networking sites to make it simpler to create the best user profile for your users. From helping them to find perfect matches to browsing through their profiles, our professionals can use Tinder clone script or tinder like script to create awesome solutions.


Tinder Features

Our Tinder dating clone app comes with exciting features which will help you to keep your dating business ahead of others. Check out the features below.

Geo location-based search.
Distance and Age-based matches
Like, accept, reject profiles
In-app messaging
Share Profiles


Virtual Geolocation

Tired of finding your match in your locality. Enter a virtual location and start to search for new matches

Distance-Based Matches

The extra mile feature to limit your search audience and then look for new matches.

Chat With Matched Profile Users.

After matching with a profile, the user can engage in seamless conversation with each other.

Rewind Feature

Using rewind feature users can make changes in the last swap profile. It helps users to correct their mistakes.

Secure Chatting

After getting the perfect match, users can start chatting in a secure environment through the app.


Tinder clone app script comes with a 100% customization model. Admin can add unique features according to needs.

Tinder Key Features

Tinder App

Tinder App Tinder App

Uber Clone

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Ready To Go

$2999/ One Time

On Demand

As Per Request/ Custom Need

Social Media Sign in
Geo Location based on search
Distance and Age based matches
Like, accept and reject profiles
Share Profiles
Payment Gateway (Cash)
Setup Profile
Push notifications
Chat with matched profile
Promotions/ offers
Extra Swipes, Likes and Rewinds
Random Matches
Chatting with unmatched profiles

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