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Online Food Ordering Script

The pandemic outbreak has changed the lifestyle of everyone. Now, people are more likely to avail contactless services and are willing to deliver food to their homes. Due to this, online food ordering scripts are in high demand today. People like to place orders for the food from their favorite restaurant swiftly, using the food delivery app. So the online food ordering business has a great scope, and people are looking forward to it. But developing an online food ordering app from scratch is very time-consuming as well as more expensive.

However, if you want to start your own food delivery business, you should not worry about a heavy budget. We are providing an online food ordering script, a readymade solution with the required features, at a very competitive price. Also, we will customize the solutions as per your business requirement and deliver them to you. There are several benefits of using a food ordering script as it saves your time as well as revenue. Online food ordering script helps you to showcase your business at an international level and opens various other ways of earning.

How Our Readymade Food Ordering Solution Helps?

With a readymade food delivery app script, you can easily set up your business without much investment. Also, it will save time and start the delivery business instantly. We develop readymade food delivery scripts using the PHP language. Our readymade solution is packed with all the basic features of reputed online food delivery portals. Also, it possesses advanced features that suit your online food ordering business requirements. However, the script is secured, scalable, and highly flexible.

We offer a 100% customizable food delivery script to match your needs. Yes, we are open to customizing our readymade food delivery script so that you can start apart from the competition and attract more food lovers to your business. The readymade script can be integrated into single or multiple restaurants, cafes, bakeries, ice-cream centers, and more that are ready to provide online food delivery services to their customers.

What Do You Get With Our Online Food Ordering App Script?

Actually, we have developed an online food ordering PHP script for the customer who wants to place the order online and get it delivered to their doorstep. So, we have designed a solution with individual windows for customers, restaurant owners, drivers, merchants as well as admin.

Our Features

The readymade food delivery script includes all required features and functionalities. However, our online food ordering PHP script offers features that meet requirements of the customers, restaurants, delivery agents as well as other panels and how all the panel works collectively with zero hassles.

Customer Features

Sign Up login

Login or sign up the app with the required details or social media account.

customer detailed profile
Create Profile

Create and update their profile such as basic details, photo, and others

facebook google apple foodpanda
Facebook, Google, & Apple ID Signup

Sign up or login the app using apple id, Facebook account, Google account, etc.

Live Tracking
Live Tracking

Place order and track with live tracking features at any time

Restaurant Dashboard
Restaurant Dashboard

Customer is open to browse restaurant dashboard to choose desired joints

Nearby Restaurants Foodpanda
Nearby Restaurants

Customers can see a list of nearby restaurants and avail speedy delivery.

restaurant menu -foodpanda clone
Restaurant Menu

See the menu of individual restaurant and select the items you would like to order

Rating & Review

Place rating as per their experience, which helps restaurants to improve service

Smart Search

Smart search refers to customized search of food items or restaurant channels.

Schedule Delivery

You can schedule or change the time of delivery as per your convenience

Push Notification

Push notification is to notify activities regarding the order and offers

Email Notifications

Customers are intimidated by email about happy hours, discounts, and others.

OTP Verification for Sign up Process (Twilio)

For security reason, one time verification sign up process is offered to verify identity

Order Tracking

With this feature, you can track your order from your desired place any time.

Favourite Restaurant

You can search and bookmark your favorite restaurants for future browsing or placing order

Coupon/Promo Code Management

Manage and use promo code in the final billing to get a discount.

Contactless Dining

Have contactless dining experience at their own place with online food delivery.

Take Away

One can save wait time in restaurants by selecting the takeaway option.

Multiple Payment Methods

Avail multiple payment methods like credit or debit card, UPI, e-wallet to make payment.

Support Corner

Customers will get support in case of issues, low food quality, or late delivery.

Restaurant App Features

Order Dashboard

Restaurant owners can manage the order activities through the dashboard and their status.

Manage Menu/ Categories

Using the manage menu option, the owner can add/delete the menu or categories in the list.

Manage Business Profile

Owner can manage the business profile effectively to boost the sales through marketing.

Manage‌ ‌Opening‌ ‌Days‌ ‌&‌ ‌Timings

Owner can update the opening days and time of the restaurant availability for the customers.

Customer Details

Restaurant owner can see the customer details through the dashboard

Manage Customer‌ ‌Order‌ ‌Status

Customer order status can also be managed by restaurant owners

Manage‌ ‌Special‌ ‌Offers

Provide special offers to customers using this feature to attract them.

Message‌ ‌Customers

Drop messages to the customer directly regarding offers, promo code, etc.

Payment‌ ‌Gateways‌ ‌Choice

Provide multiple payment choice to the customer apart from the given option

food ordering app source code
Coupon‌ ‌Code‌ ‌Generation

Owner can generate coupon code to offer customer easily

Multiple‌ ‌Language‌ ‌Support‌

Multiple language support is offered to select the language of your choice

Manage‌ ‌Delivery‌ ‌Areas

Manage the delivery area to give proper experience to the customers

Review Management

Manage the review and provide proper response to the customers

Send Request To Delivery Agent

Restaurant owner can raise request to deliver order to agent


Restaurant owner can view their earning through the dashboard easily

Language Preference

Set any of the preferred language for communication purpose

Track Payments

Track the payment details anytime through the online food ordering script solution

Food Inventory Management

Easy management of inventory used in the restaurant operation

Track Order

Restaurant owner can track the live status of the order anytime

Delivery Status

You can check the status of the delivery at anytime

Driver App Features


Driver can manage their activity through the driver dashboard easily

Accept/Decline Realtime‌ ‌Request (Multiple)

Driver can accept and reject the request as per their convenience

Edit/Update Profile

Update or edit the profile with basic details such as photograph and other details.

Pick Up order

Driver received all info of the pickup order anytime for speedy delivery.

Delivery Information

Driver can get order delivery information to deliver food on time

Live Tracking

Track the order status in real time to manage all deliveries

Manage Order

Manage multiple order deliveries easily with this feature

Real Time Tracking

Driver can track the order in real time work environment


Get notification for order, pick up, and completion of order delivery.

food ordering app clone
Route Optimization

Optimize the route to reach the destination quickly through the shortest path.

Manage Availability Settings

Drivers can also manage their availability as per their convenience


Driver can see their overall earning through the dashboard only

In-App Call / Chat

It allows the drivers to communicate with the owner and customers.

Delivery Agent’s Multiple Shifts

Drivers can also manage multiple shifts if they want to earn more.

Payment History

Drivers can also view their payment history on daily basis

Profile Management

Manage your profile to share details to restaurants, customers, and admin

Help Support

Driver is allowed to call for the support in case of inconvenience

Manage Vehicles

Driver is also open to manage vehicles if he has multiple vehicles

Merchant Panel Features

Web Portal

Merchants can access web portals to manage their activities.

Admin Dashboard

Merchant is able to access the admin dashboard with the limited access features

Location‌ ‌Management

Merchant can manage or alter the location to deliver the food

Manage Users

Merchant can add or delete user in the list of the users

Manage Drivers

Merchant is also authorized to manage the driver and assign orders.

Manage Customers/Restaurants

Merchant can manage the customer as well as the restaurant in the list.

Menu Manager

Merchant is authorized to manage the menu of the restaurant

Order Manager

Once the order is placed, merchant can manage the order to avoid inconveniences

food ordering software
Advertising/Offer Management

Merchant can advertise or announce any offer to their customers

Notification Manager

Merchant is allowed to manage the notification from their end

Content Management

Merchant can manage the app content using this feature

Manage, Add, Edit & Delete Products

Merchant is allowed to add/ edit/ delete the product in the list

Email Alerts to Register Users

Merchant can also sent the offer email alert to the registered users

Import & Export Products Via Excel

In bulk update, merchants can import & export products in the list via excel sheet.

Analytical Reports

Merchant is allowed to see the analytical report to make managerial decisions.

View Earning Reports

Merchants can also look at their earning report easily.

Admin Panel Features

Web Portal

Admin is allowed to access web portal through their credentials

Admin‌ ‌Dashboard

Admin can manage overall activities through admin dashboard

Location‌ ‌management

Admin can manage the location any time like where they want to delivered the food

Manage Users

Admin can manage the list of users who are registered with the app

Manage Drivers

Admin can manage the driver by assigning task individually

Manage‌ ‌Customers/Restaurants

Admin can manage the restaurants and customer in the list

Menu Manager

Admin is allowed to manage the menu through this option

Order Manager

Admin can manage the order on the priority basis

online food ordering script
Advertising‌/offer ‌management

Admin is allowed to offer or any advertisement to the customers

Notification Manager

Any business related notification is managed by admin panel only

Content‌ ‌Management

Admin can manage the overall content of the food delivery app

Manage,‌ ‌Add,‌ ‌Edit‌ ‌&‌ ‌Delete Products

Admin can add/edit and delete the product in the lists

Email‌ ‌Alerts‌ ‌to‌ ‌Register‌ ‌Users

Send email alerts to the registered users regarding the offers, new arrivals, and promo code

Import & Export Products Via Excel

In bulk addition, admin can add product through excel files also

Analytical Reports

View the analytical report like month wise progress and other details

View Earning Reports

Admin can view overall earnings in the form of the report.

View Demo

Get both the Android & iOs apps for free. After All building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Premium Application demo

App Demo
texi thumbs

User Id : aisdemo1@demo.demo
Password : 123456

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User Id : aisdemo2@demo.demo
Password : 123456

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User Id: aisdemom1@demo.demo
Password : 123456

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User Id: aisdemom1@demo.demo
Password : 123456

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User Id : aisdemod1@demo.demo
Password : 123456

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User Id : aisdemod2@demo.demo
Password : 123456

Web Demo
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  • Username: superadmin@aistechnolabs.co.uk
  • Password: YjSaRCqFS5vhd8N5

online food ordering script php

Our App's Screenshot

How Does Our Online Food Ordering Script Works

User Panel


  • Registration
  • Browse Restaurants
  • Choose Items
  • Add to Cart
  • Order Confirmation
Admins Panel


  • Receive Order Request
  • Verify Order
  • Packaging/ Dispatch
Drivers Panel


  • Delivery Request Notification
  • Visit Restaurant For Pickup
  • Out For Delivery
  • Order Delivered


Advanced Features

texi thumbs
Free App Updation

If any update is required regarding app, it is available in free mode only

texi thumbs
90 Days Support to Fix Errors

Though our app is bug-free, still we offer 90 days free support to fix technical errors after deployment

texi thumbs
110% Customizable Clone Solutions

Our online food ordering script solution is 110% customizable as per the business requirement

texi thumbs
Ready & Tested Bug Free Script

Script is 100% tested and bug-free, so there’s no chance of getting any error.

texi thumbs
Multi-lingual Support

Online food ordering software solutions support multiple languages to expand business internationally.

texi thumbs
Support for Multiple Currencies

App script solution support multiple currencies that shows the vast scope of business expansion

texi thumbs
Multiple Payment Modes

One can accept or make payment through multiple options like debit card, credit card and other wallet options.

texi thumbs
Chat Integration

Chat integration features enables for most robust solution and smooth deliveries

texi thumbs
Commission/Subscription Model

Our script model provide chance of earning money through commission & subscription model also

texi thumbs
Wallet Integration

Customer is allowed to use wallet for payment purpose

texi thumbs
Multi-Vendor Support

Multiple vendor options enable restaurant chains to list their services.

texi thumbs
Reward Point System

Customers will get reward points on each billing which can be adjusted in further bill settlement.

What Makes Us Distinct From Other Online Food Delivery App Script Companies?

We are a top-notch clone mobile application development company, holding years of experience to deliver successful solutions to our valuable clients. First, we understand the client’s requirement, and thereafter, only we customize our readymade food ordering clone app script to match their needs. We are quite committed to delivering the product under the defined deadlines that make us unique as compared to others. We are quite dedicated to our work and deliver efficient food ordering clone app solutions. Rigid deadlines and inclusion of all the possible features is our USP which makes us different from others.

  • Comprehensive customizations
  • Timely deployment
  • Secure installation
  • Multi-platform operations
  • Appropriate support & maintenance
  • Cost-efficient solutions
  • Powerful admin dashboard
  • Performance scalability
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Scalable Product
  • Whitelabel Solution
  • Cost Effective
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Easily Accomodate a number of user activity
food ordering app source code
Technology Stack :-
Tech Stack - Android


Android Studio Version :4.1.1
Language :Java

Tech Stack - iOS


iOS :- Swift 4.2
xcode 12.3(Interface builder)



Backend: Node JS
Database: MongoDB

How To Monetize Uber Clone Script :-

Owners can monetize their app by taking a commission from the freelance food delivery driver and restaurant owners per order, take surcharge during peak hours, advertising other businesses through banners, pop-ups, videos, and make your business solution Google Ad-sense approved to make money from the business model.

Why Choose Our Online Food Ordering Script?

Choosing any online food delivery app script is not an easy task. Whether an online food ordering PHP script is able to fulfill the business requirement and drive the business in a profitable direction or not. We have developed a very efficient, reliable, and robust food delivery app script that not only satisfies your business requirement but can also drive your business in the desired ways. Our food ordering software provides separate panels for the driver, restaurant owner, merchant, and admin level. All business-related activities can be maintained at their own level and work efficiently to achieve the end objective. The best part of our service, we deliver food ordering app source code to you.

Available for android and iOS

Available for Android and iOS

Expertized developers

Expertized Developers

pre and post sales support

Pre And Post Sales Support

easy to operate app

Easy to operate apps

Efficient cost

Efficient cost

Proper deliverable management of product

Proper deliverable management of product

Secure installation

Secure installation

Best support and maintenance

Best support and maintenance

Attractive UI/UX

Attractive UI/UX

Ready Made Solution

Ready Made Solution

Successful track record

Successful track record

100% client satisfaction

100% client satisfaction

Transparent communication

Transparent communication

Privacy & NDA

Privacy & NDA

Frequently Asked Questions

A. The exact cost to develop an online food delivery app script depends on the features. Inclusion of advanced features will vary the cost.

A. Our app script is ready to deploy as per your business requirement. We are ready to serve customized features in less time to meet your business requirements.

A. Yes, we believe in transparency and all the changes will be done after your approval. We will provide food ordering app source code to you.

A. Yes, we provide 90 days free post sales support. During defined periods, if you find any difficulty, we are ready to serve you.

A. You will receive full lifetime support till you use our app script solution. There is no limit to get support for the app.

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