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You never know the importance of trucks. This is a massive and huge vehicle, used for shipping services, by road. Whether you want to ship bulk order or something quite heavy, you need a good and well-balanced truck, along with a driver for it. After the advancement in technology, logistic services driven to a new direction and that is providing logistic services online. What makes it mandatory for your exporting business to have an app using which customers can easily book services; this is where Uber for trucks app comes into action. This trucking dispatch software for shipping has the most delicate features to keep you ahead of your competitors. With the help of our team, you will get the best app development services for trucking dispatch system. To know more about the dispatch software for trucking companies, check out our app demo version below.


Hitech Interface

Our uber for truck script integrated with a hi-tech interface which makes the app more interactive with Users

Effective Cloud installation

This trucking dispatch software is integrated with cloud facilities which are easy to install.

Data Security

Our app source code provides you highly secure and easy to use interface to protect data from leakage.

Advanced Technology

Our team of skilled developers uses advanced technology to build a dispatch software for trucking companies.

Best Trucking Dispatch Software Solutions

At Uber Clone, we offer 100% ready-made scripts & customized app scripts like on demand mechanic app, truck dispatch software, taxi apps like uber etc. to our customers.

With the help of the best trucking dispatch software, your clients get the golden opportunity to call for the trucks, which are located near their site. This app is like uber for trucks not limited to only shipping services. As a business owner you can add other services which you want to provide your customers through this app. In case you are looking to add your top-graded services in the app, you are asked to give us a call. We make sure to help you get hold of the best truck software, which will connect you directly with your clients and some drivers too. Working with these new drivers is going to be a completely new experience from your side.

It is always mandatory for you to get in touch with the best team for trucking dispatch software. They are more than happy to guide you through the best services of all time. And the team is glad that you have chosen him to help you out.


This app like uber for trucks is just meant for the business owners, who are looking for trucks these days. This app can easily help in offering some new job offers to the truck drivers, willing to work for your company. It would be great for you to get hold of the best packages, and this app will help you to connect with these drivers, looking desperately for jobs and willing to work with your firm. They are all licensed and have their numbers registered, too.

In case, you are still not sure to take help of this app and look for the truck drivers, then make sure to check on the uber clone app for trucks features. That will help you to know whether you can trust the driver or not for its services. There are so many exciting features available.

Uber for Truck App Development

There are fruitful features available, which can help in enhancing the value of this Uber for truck software. There are multiple companies or customers, who are looking to communicate with a logistic business and it can easily be done through the help of this app, your customers get your services met, and experts of Uber Clone App company helps you to procure the best Trucking Dispatch Software for your logistic business.

This software will help you to come directly in the scene and get a hold on lager audience. Choose us if you are willing to create such an app, and enhance the value of your importing and exporting business, too. If anyone needs a truck for moving, hauling, or even delivering cargo, then they might have to get in touch with a truck company. This app is going to be a perfect helping hand for your business and helps you to make your business wider.

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Uber for Trucks Features

Uber clone app for trucks script is available for all smart devices OS. Below are the app features which make your logistic business unique from others.

  • Live Tracking.
  • Instant & Convenient Booking
  • Easy login
  • In-app Chating
  • Push Notification
  • Invoice System
  • Advanced Backend System

Advanced Features

Fully Featured Analytics

As an admin of an app, you can get the analytics report of your business to make a better business idea

Payment Gateway

Advance payment gateway to make secure payment integrated with multiple banks and Paypal.

Complete fare history

User can access to get the history of services and the payment anytime from history features.

Schedule Booking

User can make an advance booking for any services listed in-app in a click of fingers.

App Compactibility

The app can smoothly run on any device without any handle and take less space for installation.

Truckate Key Features



The entire code of the server, Admin dashboard, ios and android apps are given with unencrypted code and complete documentation



You can fill access to the source code, thus you can make any customization you want.



Our app name is developed with ultimate monitoring of every coding which makes the script completely a bug free.



The entire solution will work on a robust cloud infrastructure is fasted to handle high user growth.



We support in-app payments, running third-party ad networks and premium feature tire to bring more value.



Let us know your idea for matching and we will fully handle it’s technological implementation.



We ensure that your app idea is brought to reality with a dedicated team throughout the app building process.



Have plans of taking off and scaling up rapidly? We got your back with the most scalable robust product in each catagory.


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Uber Clone

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Ready To Go

$2999/ One Time

On Demand

As Per Request/ Custom Need

Social Media Sign in
Geo Location based on search
Schedule Booking
List of available providers
Setup profile
Payment Gateway (Cash)
Booking details
Tracking order
Email/sms alert
login for drivers
Push Notification
Booking cancellation
Manage provider list
History of tips
Billing history
Save favorite location
In app messaging
Generate invocies
Revenue reports
Invite friends
Add/approve new provider
Manage users
Advance Filters
Pick up and drop up location and time


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