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Hire the industry’s best developers and designers to build your own Foodpanda clone app and build on-demand food delivery applications, test new features before implementing them in the main app, or sell it as a white-label product. We provide you with an excellent opportunity to build a basic product that is highly customizable to meet the needs of food delivery software. Our services are cost-effective and are known for their quality. However, you can rebrand the product to develop your product. We also give you the source of the application for the Foodpanda clone app.

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Benefits of Foodpanda Clone App Development

The on-demand food delivery business is gaining a lot of hype lately. It all started with Foodpanda, and they paved the way for a successful food delivery model that is successful for the restaurants and much more rewarding for the consumers. With the inclusion of technology, they were able to reduce the operational costs of small restaurants while also increasing their sales through deliveries.

If you want to become a brand like Foodpanda, you can use foodpanda software and build it using foodpanda clone script. It would allow you to develop applications faster and at a reduced development cost. It also allows you to scale your business as you grow with time. You can improve the flexibility in the operations by easily customizing it.

At Uber Clone App, we provide you with apps like Swiggy Clone and Zomato clone. It allows you to manage your business easily and improves users’ experience with your business. Also, we provide you a clone of the foodpanda source code that gives you complete ownership of the product. You can use our developed products to develop a full-fledged software solution or test your new features before implementing them to the main app. Additionally, you can sell it as a white-label product to monetize the opportunity.

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How To Build A FoodPanda App Using A Readymade Clone?

There are various ways to start an online food delivery business. You can start your business with food delivery software, which helps you manage a wide network of restaurants and delivery partners easily. Also, it helps your users to efficiently reach out to your customers and make it easy for them to order food online.

You can develop an application from a readymade clone. It takes relatively more time and cost in the development of a product from scratch. Readymade Foodpanda clone apps give opportunities to customize the product efficiently. It offers you scalability to meet your business needs efficiently at all the stages of your business lifecycle. At Uber Clone App, we provide you a readymade Foodpanda app clone, along with its source code to give you complete ownership of the product. You can use it to make the product more agile as per your current needs. Our product is also compatible with the leading third party plugins and applications.

What Do You Get With Our FoodPanda Delivery App Solution?

We provide the best uber clone scripts

Our Uber Clone App Features

Fully customizable and novel features are available for customers, restaurant owners, drivers, merchants, and admin panels. All the services from online ordering, processing, delivery, and more are under one single roof.

Customer Features



Easy and instant registration with social logins to access the app features.


Create Profile

User profile development and management to manage their data easily.


Facebook, Google, & Apple ID Signup

Provide easy login to customers with a one-click login through Facebook, Google, etc.


Live Tracking

Users can track the status of their order and also delivery boy.


Restaurant Dashboard

Access different restaurants that are open, their discount offers, and the delivery time.


Nearby Restaurants

Get the list of multiple restaurants nearby the users’ location through GPS service.


Restaurant Menu

Know the multiple dishes offered by their chosen restaurants and make their favorite choice.


Rating & Review

Reviews and ratings system allowing you to take useful feedback on restaurant and deliveries.


Smart Search

Advanced search bar based on filters, order history, input, availability, etc.


Schedule Delivery

Easy scheduling allows users to order food on the described time.


Push Notification

Get notifications for order transit, new arrivals, discounts, special offers, etc.


Email Notifications

Get notifications of new offers and vouchers on their email to increase engagement.


OTP Verification for Sign up Process (Twilio)

Mobile number or email verification with one time password saves users from frauds.


Order Tracking

Easy order tracking through GPS integrated technology for real-time location and accurate ETA.


Favourite Restaurant

A list of favorite restaurants to save search time and easily get what they like.


Coupon/Promo Code Management

Access different coupons and promo codes available on their order and save money.


Contactless Dining

Enjoy food from their favorite restaurant with zero contact and avoid non-essential interaction.


Take Away

Self pick up your online ready orders with zero waiting time.


Multiple Payment Methods

Secure payment through UPI, e-wallets, credit / debit cards, COD, etc.


Support Corner

When you have an issue with live order, you can get the best solution.


Order History

Track order history, payments, and more using an easy dashboard for complete information.

Restaurant App Features

Order Dashboard

Access the list of new orders, orders accepted, rejected, and delivered.

Manage Menu/ Categories

Insert new dishes or remove dishes that they do not serve anymore.

Manage Business Profile

Edit name, handle, location, descriptions, phone number, brand assurance, certifications with zero hassles.

Manage‌ ‌Opening‌ ‌Days‌ ‌&‌ ‌Timings

Get information about their operation timings and shift schedule to customers and drivers.

Customer Details

View customer details like phone number, email address, and residential or commercial address.

Manage Customer‌ ‌Order‌ ‌Status

Complete analysis to match food requests with availability and have optimal balancing.

Manage‌ ‌Special‌ ‌Offers

Update your special offers daily, weekly, or monthly to attract potential customers.

Message‌ ‌Customers

Inform customers about new arrivals, offers, specialities, and best sellers.

Payment‌ ‌Gateways‌ ‌Choice

Know the mode of payment of your customer like COD, debit card, credit card, UPI.

Coupon‌ ‌Code‌ ‌Generation

Generate coupon code to offer special discounts, BOGO, or other schemes.


Multiple‌ ‌Language‌ ‌Support‌

Connect with customers in their local language for effective communication.

Manage‌ ‌Delivery‌ ‌Areas

Check the delivery areas and prepare food accordingly to make delivery faster.

Review Management

Check reviews and ratings of your customers to improve your taste.

Send Request To Delivery Agent

Send requests directly to the delivery agent for quick order delivery.

Earnings Report

Manage earnings from the food delivery digitally and track earnings of every order.

Language Preference

Select your preferred language and change it whenever you want for customer engagement.

Track Payments

Track payment of customers through diverse payment options and seize the monumental opportunity.

Food Inventory Management

Track consumption numbers and customer requirements and match with your inventory.

Track Order

Incoming order notification to notify you to start food preparation.

Delivery Status

Track delivery status the moment a driver picks up an order from your restaurant.

Driver App Features


See requests, manage orders optimally, and know the fastest route to deliver orders quickly.

Accept/Decline Realtime‌ ‌Request (Multiple)

Check order details and route has complete rights to accept or decline real time requests.

Edit/Update Profile

Edit name, phone number, and can even upload their profile picture.

Pick Up Order

Know the details of customers’ order and restaurant to pick up the order.

Delivery Information

Complete details of fulfilled delivery, delivery time, customer location, and more.

Live Tracking

Know the exact location of the restaurant and customer to pick and deliver.

Manage Order

Track and manage deliveries, accept the order and move to the restaurant.

Real Time Tracking

Provide real-time information to the drivers of their orders with precise live tracking.


Push notifications will notify about the new delivery, pick up, and order delivered.


Route Optimization

Get the fastest and optimized route to avoid traffic and allied blockades.

Manage Availability Settings

On the touch of one button, drivers can flag their availability or non-availability.

Earnings Report

Access your daily, weekly, and monthly performance with a holistic earning report.

In-App Call / Chat

Call or chat with customers as well as restaurant owners to get direction or resolve queries.

Delivery Agent’s Multiple Shifts

Choose their preferred shift based on their availability for food delivery.

Payment History

With transaction history, keep track of all the payments received in the past.

Profile Management

Manage the mandatory details like name, photo, and details related to payment, driving license, etc.

Help Support

Seek support in case of issues, accidental events, technical problems, or emergencies.

Manage Vehicles

Remove vehicles that you no longer drive and add new vehicles available for live tracking.

Merchant Panel Features

Web Portal

Comprehensive food ordering web portal will allow your customer to place orders.

Admin‌ ‌Dashboard

Feature-rich admin dashboard offers all the tools you need to manage your business easily.

Location‌ ‌Management

Know all available drivers based on location and raise delivery requests to the drivers.

View Earning Reports

View your daily, monthly, or quarterly earnings reports with real time analytics.

Import & Export Products Via Excel

Import and export thousands of products from backend via Excel quickly.

Manage‌ ‌Customers/Restaurants

Manage databases of customers and restaurants registered to improve service quality.

Menu Manager

Edit and monitor several items simultaneously on the menu card.


Order Manager

View orders for the day, peak time for the order, preference of cuisines, and more.

Advertising‌/Offer ‌Management

Plan and run discount and promotional offers to attract potential customers.

Notification Manager

Notifications on emails or SMS about driver acceptance/rejection of order requests and deliveries.

Content‌ ‌Management

Manage all information concerning restaurants, menu items, prices, and change descriptions and pictures.

Manage,‌ ‌Add,‌ ‌Edit‌ ‌&‌ ‌Delete Products

Manage, add, delete, edit, or block items based on customers’ preferences and company policies.

Email‌ ‌Alerts‌ ‌To‌ ‌Register‌ ‌Users

View all existing email campaigns and know register users and click rates.

Analytical Reports

Get real-time reports related to revenue, customer base, orders on a daily basis, etc.

Admin Features

Web Portal

Optimized food ordering web portal to view details of customers ordering through the website.

Admin Dashboard

Manage all participants and view total orders, commission, sales turnover, etc.

Location‌ ‌Management

Track the location of all the active drivers in a particular location.

Manage Users

View user’s details like address, contact number and add and delete users too.

Manage Drivers

Track details like trip, mobile number, availability, login-time, live location, and total commission earned.

Manage‌ ‌Customers/Restaurants

Manage databases of customers and restaurants registered and export it for quality assessment.

Menu Manager

View the prices and items on the menu of all the restaurants registered.

Order Manager

Centralized order management with integrated inventory log to manage the order swiftly.


Advertising‌/Offer ‌Management

Discounts schemes and offers for customers to get the best deals.

Notification Manager

Send notification to improve communication with your users, restaurants, and delivery person.

Content‌ ‌Management

To add and edit all information concerning restaurants, menu items, and prices.

Manage,‌ ‌Add,‌ ‌Edit‌ ‌&‌ ‌Delete Products

Modify product-related information and have the right to add or remove restaurants.

Email‌ ‌Alerts‌ ‌To‌ ‌Register‌ ‌Users

Run email alerts to register users about special services, offers for the day, and discounts.

Import & Export Products Via Excel

Import or export thousands of products, product features, and product variations via Excel.

Analytical Reports

Advanced analytics for gaining useful insights about your business and enrich services.

View Earning Reports

Track all the transactions with the daily, weekly, and monthly earning reports.

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Get both the Android & iOs apps for free. After All building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!


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    Password : 123456
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    User Id : aisdemod1@demo.demo
    Password : 123456
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    User Id : aisdemod2@demo.demo
    Password : 123456

App Demo

  • admin_panel_btn
  • Username : superadmin@aistechnolabs.co.uk
    Password : YjSaRCqFS5vhd8N5
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How does our Foodpanda Script Works



  • Registration
  • Browse Restaurants
  • Choose Items
  • Add to Cart
  • Order Confirmation


  • Receive Order Request
  • Verify Order
  • Packaging/ Dispatch


  • Delivery Request Notification
  • Visit Restaurant For Pickup
  • Out For Delivery
  • Order Delivered

UberClone App

Our Advanced Features

Enriched and designed with advanced features, the Foodpanda clone app solution offers superior functionality for merchants, admin, customers, restaurants, and delivery agents.

Advanced Features


Free App Updation

Merchants, admin, customers, restaurants, and delivery agents can update their iOS or Android app for free and give it a spin.


90 Days Support To Fix Errors

Our services are not up to the launch of the app; we provide 90 Days support to fix errors that you find after launching.


110% Customizable Clone Solutions

We offer customized web and app solutions for Foodpanda clone scripts at affordable rates to make your app stand out from its counterparts.


Ready & Tested Bug Free Script

We test through multiple ways for bugs and errors to deliver readymade and bug-free Foodpanda clone scripts.


Multi-Lingual Support

Spread your business with multi-lingual support of the Foodpanda clone script and in-built features for enhanced user experience.


Support For Multiple Currencies

Our Foodpanda clone script supports multiple currencies, allowing you to do business internationally from any corner of the world.


Multiple Payment Modes

It allows the users with the capability to pay through debit or credit cards, e-wallet, UPI payment, COD, net banking, etc.


Chat Integration

Customers, delivery partners, and restaurant owners can chat with the admin or customer care department to discuss their issues and get solutions.


Commission /Subscription Model

Create subscription plans for customers to increase engagement and earnings and set commission rates for vendors for every order.


Wallet Integration

Get Wallet integration for customers, drivers, and restaurant owners to pay for the orders directly or get paid via the app.


Multi-Vendor Support

You can invite multiple vendors and allow them to sell their products on a single platform.


Reward Point System

It enables you to run loyalty programs like reward or redemption points to make your customers repetitive users.

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What Makes Us Distinct From Other Foodpanda Clone App Development Companies?

Foodpanda is a leading food delivery application, and it is known for its quality and convenience. With precise web designing, it has fulfilled the needs of the food delivery business. You can use the same model and similar software solutions to improve the experience with your brand. We offer feature reach and customized Foodpanda clone app and an easy-to-use, digitized interface for all stakeholders to grow your online food delivery business.

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    Comprehensive customizations

  • setting_icons

    Timely deployment

  • setting_icons

    Secure installation

  • setting_icons

    Multi-platform operations

  • setting_icons

    Appropriate support & maintenance

  • setting_icons

    Cost-efficient solutions

  • setting_icons

    Powerful admin dashboard

  • setting_icons

    Performance scalability

  • setting_icons

    Turnkey Solution

  • setting_icons

    Scalable Product

  • setting_icons

    Whitelabel Solution

  • setting_icons

    Cost Effective

  • setting_icons

    Native Mobile Apps

  • setting_icons

    Easily Accomodate a number of user activity


Technology Stack



  • Android Studio Version :4.1.1
  • Language :Java


  • iOS : Swift 4.2
  • xcode 12.3(Interface builder)


  • Backend: Node JS
  • Database: MongoDB

How To Monetize Foodpanda Clone Script :-

Launch and run your food delivery business by building a Foodpanda clone with the latest technologies and user-friendly interfaces that enable the restaurant owners to process, deliver the food to the customers quickly. Convenient food ordering from their favorite restaurants and getting it delivered at the doorstep will attract your customers to stay engaged for a longer time. The impressive workflow with the top-listed feature set in this script makes you manage your food delivery business easily and generate earnings through commission, subscription plans, and hiking delivery charges during peak hours or nighttime.


Why Choose Our On-demand Food Delivery App Solution?

We not only help you customize the ready-made food delivery applications but offer custom food delivery application development to reach food lovers at lightning speed. Our experience and knowledge give us an upper hand in the competition. You can find expert developers with hands-on experience of 5+ years in the on-demand industry. Enjoy flexible hiring, cost-effective development rates, and transparency in development with Uber Clone App.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Every project has different sets of requirements, and we take a unique and fresh approach to offer customized solutions to our clients. The cost of the Foodpanda clone app also depends on the scope, features, and type of project. However, we offer cost-effective and bug-free app solutions.

A. The time of app development depends on various factors like complexity, requirements, additional features, and functionalities you want to add to the Foodpanda clone app. We will offer a secure, customized, and bug-free app solution in the least possible time.

A. We believe in long-term relationships and provide 90-days free technical assistance after the launch of the app. After that, we continue providing you support to resolve your queries and issues at very nominal rates.

A. Indeed yes! We take reliable security measures and give utmost importance to data privacy. However, all our on-demand food ordering app scripts comply with global standards. We follow HTTPS, HIPPA, GDPR, and more protocols to provide data security, and APIs are secured with SSL certification.

A. Yes, our advanced Foodpanda clone app is 110% customized, and different novel features are available with the help of third party plugins to meet your requirements.

A. There is no pre-set limit for orders or trips, but we can set based on your discretion. Also, you can make changes in delivery time, offers, details of restaurants, and more. It’s your app and can add functionality that you wish.

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