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Courier App Like Uber

You might be associated with a courier company, and the competition is very harsh. You need to stay right at the top of the service, and for that, you need to enter the world of digitalization. Nowadays people don’t have time to visit the courier companies and post mail or any other substances. It is during such instances when these services might come handy, and you have to get the help of uber for couriers. And our team from Uber Clone App is happy to help in making this courier app for you. We want to offer you with complete help under the best courier service app of all time.

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Live Tracking Details

Hassle free tracking of product to be delivered and pickup boy.

Advance Source Code

Our Uber for couriers source code is integrated with advanced features and 100% customizable ability.

Easy to Use Dashboard

The script is built with an easy to use dashboard so that admin, user, and service providers can manage things easily.

Pre Built courier app like Uber Solution

Get ready and specific solutions to provide robust and scalable services to your users.

Courier Service App – Quality Packages Of All Time

What are the reasons to get hold of the courier service app? Well, the answer is simple. It saves time and money; it gives preferences to people to hire courier services to their doorstep without moving out of there house.

To provide hassle free courier service it is essential to have a courier app with advanced functions and with the help of our team, you can always get hold of the best packages and create some of the best courier servicing apps in this sector. There are bike riders and some on foot people, working on your behalf to deliver parcels on time. And to connect customers with your services, this app is pretty much beneficial. This app will even help people to find you and get their delivery services fulfilled. Now, you can deport their items to the area; they want to dispatch it to the first place.

Whenever you think you know enough about the courier apps like Uber, you will be surprised with some of the extra work, process, and thoughtfulness that come into play. There are loads of exciting packages, which you are guaranteed to love. And the best team from our side will always guide you through the latest features, added in the app, as well.

The workers associated with this app are already associated with the courier companies. So they are always going to offer you with complete help, and as they are already hooked up with the courier companies, so they are well aware of the courier deals for you. If you want to connect your courier services with these experts, then this courier app like Uber is entirely something you will need. Just be sure to know more about the packages, and the kind of experts, whom you want your courier services to be handled with, and you are good to go. And the best part is that these apps are not going to cost you a fortune. It is generally meant for the business owners, willing to turn their courier business into a massive success.

So, if you have a tight budget and still want to get the best help around here, then you can easily find out there. There are multiple options, which are waiting for you to grab. And these packages are all meant for you to make your business successful.


Uber For Couriers And The Best Help Involved

There are some fantastic features, which are associated with the best uber for couriers. And you are always given the right team; all settled to offer you with complete help, around here. So, let us go ahead, and you can always choose to get the best one with us. The team is ready to offer you with competent services, which are hard for you to miss out already. If you are looking for the best team, you can get it straight from our side. And we will load the app with all sorts of features, you can ask for. Therefore, you will always get hold of great help around here.

In case, you don’t have much in-depth knowledge about this vertical and are looking for the courier app for the first time, then you have come to the right place, and you can always choose us for some immediate help. We are all settled to offer you with some promising solutions, which are otherwise hard for you to find right now. We are always happy to provide you with some quick features. Just be sure to give a call to us, and we will be glad to present you with some quality help, around here. In case you are looking for some quality help, you can get it straight from our side. We are here to offer you with complete support, just like you have asked for.


Courier Features

Our Courier app is thoroughly designed with specific features to provide an outstanding business-ready solution for a courier service application. Which is superlative than another courier app in the market.

User-friendly apps – Company/Merchant/Individual Users
Schedule booking management
Driver and customer location located by GPS
Details with better information including distance and the estimated time
In-App messaging
Cashless and convenient
Feedback and Rating Services
Language management


Live Geo -Tracking

Customers can always see where the nearest Courier personnel are in real time in your mobile apps.

Select Service Type

You can select the type of courier service depending on the number of items to be delivered and hire it easily.

Talk To Your Courier Delivery Person

With our Customer and Courier Service apps, your clientele and providers can chat or call from within the app.

Wallet System

Using can make payment using the inbuilt courier wallet and also credit wallet using debit/credit and net banking method.

Review And Rating

After the completion of work user and service provider, both can give rating and feedback to each other.

Courier Key Features

Courier App

Courier App Courier App


Uber Clone

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Ready To Go

$2999/ One Time

On Demand

As Per Request/ Custom Need

Social Media Sign in
Geo Location based on search
Schedule Booking
Google map integration
Payment Gateway (Cash)
Contact provider (from user's device)
Setup Profile
Push notifications
View Order History
Live provider work location
Booking history details
Order status
Cancel Booking
Customer signature on order complete
Invite friends
Promotions/ offers
In- app messaging
Revenue reports
Generate invoices
Update bank details
Track transactions
Advance filters
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