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Online Food Delivery app source code Script

People’s lifestyle has changed as a result of the world epidemic situation. people are more receptive to having food delivered on their doorstep and to using contactless services. As a result, online food ordering applications are gaining muchmore popularity. Individuals choose to use a food delivery app to quickly get meals from their favourite restaurant. As a result, the online meal delivery service has considerable potential, and the public is excited about it. On the other hand, developing an online food ordering and delivering application right from scratch is both time intensive and costly.

However, you do not need a large investment to start your own food delivery app and rule over the industry. For a very low price, we offer a food delivery app source code that is a fully-functional, ready-to-use scripted solution. Additionally, we will customise the solutions to your specific company needs and deliver them to you. Utilizing a fully fledged food delivery source code has a number of advantages, including time and cost savings. The online meal delivering script allows you to promote your company globally while also diversifying your revenue streams.

How Our Readymade food delivery app source code Solution Helps?

It’s easy to start your own company, that too with cost-effective investment. This process of app development will surely save your time and give you much better results rapidly. We provide readymade scripts utilizing PHP source code for online food delivering app solutions. This on-the-go pack contains all the core and essential features, just as the Swiggy application. Our developed script is extremely safe, scalable, and adaptable to make use of.

We provide a fully customized food delivery app script based on your needs. We also tailor food delivery scripts to ensure your specific needs. So you can start with the food delivery industry and help you expand your food delivery company. The readymade script may be used to offer customized online food delivery services to a single or multiple companies that are ready for it.

What Do You Get With Our food delivery android app source code?

We provide the best uber clone scripts, We’ve created an interactive meal delivering PHP script for clients who wish to start their food delivering services to a large number of customers on their doorstep. As a consequence, we created a system that includes separate panels for consumers, food vendors, drivers, retailers, and other stakeholders.

Our Features

The preconfigured food delivery solutions cover all of the required functionalities. Our online food delivering Script, on the other hand, can accommodate the demands of the customers, companies, staff members, and other slats while also allowing individual panels to synchronise.

Customer Features

Sign Up login
Log In/ Sign Up

Clog up the application’s registration form or log in with your social media account.

customer detailed profile
Create Profile

Fill in basic information like your name, picture, and location to construct your profile.

facebook google apple foodpanda
Facebook, Google, & Apple ID Signup

Create an account straight in the application using a Google, Facebook, or Apple ID.

Live Tracking
Live Tracking

Order at any time and keep track of your package’s progress with a real-time tracking function.

Restaurant Dashboard
Restaurant Dashboard

They are free to browse the restaurant’s dashboards and choose their favourite eatery.

Nearby Restaurants Foodpanda
Nearby Restaurants

Display the list of local restaurants and place orders for the meals of their preference.

restaurant menu -foodpanda clone
Restaurant Menu

Take a glimpse at the restaurant’s food dishes and decide whatever you want to eat.

Rating & Review

Review your expertise in the field with the application and give it a rating and a brief description.

Smart Search

Smart search allows users to quickly find a restaurant or a particular food item.

Schedule Delivery

You can alter the delivery schedule whenever it is appropriate for you.

Push Notification

The purpose of the push notification is to keep up to date on your purchase and app promotions.

Email Notifications

Send email updates about hot discounts, new arrivals, holiday specials, and more.

OTP Verification for Sign up Process (Twilio)

During the registration process, an OTP is given to authenticate the user’s identity.

Order Tracking

It’s merely a way to keep track of where your order is in real time on your screen.

Favourite Restaurant

It’s to save your favourite restaurant so you can find it with only one click in the future.

Coupon/Promo Code Management

Use existing coupons and vouchers to save money while making a purchase.
Dining with no contact

Contactless Dining

Using a digital meal delivering app, you may enjoy contactless eating at your

Take Away

Choose a take-out option to avoid huge lines at restaurants.

Multiple Payment Methods

Choose your preferred form of payment and pay with a credit card.

Support Corner

In the situation of an issue, including such inadequate food standards or late deliveries, seek assistance.

Restaurant App Features

Order Dashboard

The order dashboard helps restaurant owners to see orders placed and cancelled.

Manage Menu/ Categories

Restaurant managers can customize the menu with this feature.

Manage Business Profile

Profile of restaurant can be edited and updated using Manage Business Profile

Manage Opening Days & Timings

The owner has complete control over the restaurant’s opening days and hours of operation.

Customer Details

The dashboard gives the restaurant owner access to customer data.

Manage Customer Order Status

Management Customer order status keep track of the status of customer orders and special offers.

Manage Special Offers

This feature may be used to attract customers with unique specialized offers.

Message‌ ‌Customers

Send consumers messages about special offers, discount coupons, and other information.

Payment Gateways Choice

Provide a choice of payment alternatives to the customer, depending on what is available

Coupon Code Generation

The owner can simply generate a promo code to attract buyers.

Multiple Language support

Restaurant apps with various language support Can make it more engaging

Manage‌ ‌Delivery‌ ‌Areas

Restaurant owners can manage the delivery area to ensure that customers have a wonderful experience.

Review Management

Reviews and client’s reaction are managed over here

Send Request To Delivery Agent

Restaurant owner can request delivering staff for order’s delivery


The earning dashboard can help restaurant owner to see earned amount.

Language Preference

Selection of language is given so that one can select most convenient language

Track Payments

These food app delivery clone scripts allow you to keep track of each payment’s progress.

Food Inventory Management

It helps to manage food inventory in excel sheets r google sheets.

Track Order

Restaurant owners may check on the progress of orders at any time.

Delivery Status

It allows restaurant owners to monitor the status of your delivery.

Driver App Features


The driver dashboard aids in the management of the driver’s actions.

Accept/Decline Real-time Request (Multiple)

Accept/deny requests in real-time if there are numerous requests.

Edit/Update Profile

This allows registered drivers to update or modify their already generated profiles.

Pick Up order

This alerts the driver to the order collecting information, allowing for a faster delivery.

Delivery Information

Drivers may get details concerning delivery specifics using the shipping address.

Live Tracking

To handle food delivery, keep track of all the orders that have been accepted.

Manage Order

This feature enables the driver to easily coordinate multiple order delivery.

Real Time Tracking

In their workplace, drivers may keep track of the list of real-time orders.


When an order is placed, picked up, and delivered, the driver is notified.

Route Optimization

Evaluate the quickest path to the delivery place in order to arrive as quickly as feasible.

Manage Availability Settings

The position of a driver’s allocation may be updated.


The profits of the drivers are shown on the dashboard.

In-App Call / Chat

This makes it easier to get in touch with the buyer or the restaurant owner.

Delivery Agent’s Multiple Shifts

Working several shifts allows the delivery person to make more money.

Payment History

Frequently, delivery drivers may review their payment history.

Profile Management

Manage your profile so that consumers, restaurants, merchants, and administrators may see it.

Help Support

The delivery crew may seek assistance if there is a problem.

Manage Vehicles

In the case of various vehicles, it handles the vehicle allocation.

Merchant Panel Features

Web Portal

Merchants may coordinate their activities by using online Web portals.

Admin‌ ‌Dashboard

Merchants may see the banned limitations on the administration panel.

Location‌ ‌management

The merchant has the ability to regulate or alter the location of the Food delivery.

Manage Users

Merchants have the ability to add or remove profile pages.

Manage Drivers

The supplier has the authority to supervise drivers and their duties.

Manage‌ ‌Customers/Restaurants

Gains control over consumers and eateries.

Menu Manager

The restaurant’s food is under the control of the merchant.

Order Manager

To avoid any problems, handle the order once it has been received

Advertising‌/offer ‌management

The seller may promote or publicize any offer to customers.

Notification Manager

The merchant is given the authority to deal with the notifications.

Content‌ ‌Management

This feature enables the retailer to personalize the content of the app.

Manage,‌ ‌Add,‌ ‌Edit‌ ‌&‌ ‌Delete Products

The merchant has complete control over the list, including the ability to add, edit, and delete items.

Email‌ ‌Alerts‌ ‌to‌ ‌Register‌ ‌Users

Suppliers may utilize email notifications to deliver promotional offers to registered subscribers.

Import & Export Products Via Excel

For bulk import and export updates of goods, merchants may utilise an excel sheet.

Analytical Reports

Merchants may use the analytical report to make management decisions that will lead to lucrative outcomes.

View Earning Reports

Merchants may easily go through their balance statement.

Admin Panel Features

Web Portal

Using passwords, admins may get web access.

Admin Dashboard

The admin panel allows the admin to keep track on all activity.

Location‌ ‌management

Admin has the authority to modify the location at any moment, such as the food delivery location.

Manage Users

The list of people who have registered in the app may be controlled by the administrator

Manage Drivers

Admins may manage the app’s registered driver by assigning them assignments.

Manage‌ ‌Customers/Restaurants

The administrator has the ability to change the list of restaurants and customers.

Menu Manager

Admins have full control over the menu with this option

Order Manager

The order may be classified by the administrators.

Advertising‌/offer ‌management

The administrator may use this function to sell or market goods or services to customers.

Notification Manager

Admins have control over notifications and promoting reminders.

Content‌ ‌Management

The app’s general content may be controlled by the admin.

Manage,‌ ‌Add,‌ ‌Edit‌ ‌&‌ ‌Delete Products

The administrator has the ability to add, modify, and remove items from the product descriptions.

Email‌ ‌Alerts‌ ‌to‌ ‌Register‌ ‌Users

Inform registered members of special offers, new arrivals, and promotional coupons by email.

Import & Export Products Via Excel

Admins may also use Excel to handle bulk exports and imports of products.

Analytical Reports

The administrative reports, which include monthly progress and other statistics, may be analyzed by the admin.

View Earning Reports

In the form of an earnings report, the administration may view the total earnings.

View Demo

Get both the Android & iOs apps for free. After All building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Premium Application demo

App Demo
texi thumbs

User Id : aisdemo1@demo.demo
Password : 123456

texi thumbs

User Id : aisdemo2@demo.demo
Password : 123456

texi thumbs

User Id: aisdemom1@demo.demo
Password : 123456

texi thumbs

User Id: aisdemom1@demo.demo
Password : 123456

texi thumbs

User Id : aisdemod1@demo.demo
Password : 123456

texi thumbs

User Id : aisdemod2@demo.demo
Password : 123456

App Demo
texi thumbs
  • Username: superadmin@aistechnolabs.co.uk
  • Password: YjSaRCqFS5vhd8N5

Our App's Screenshot

How Does Our Food Delivery App Source Code Works
User Panel


  • Registration
  • Browse Restaurants
  • Choose Items
  • Add to Cart
  • Order Confirmation
Admins Panel

Admin :

  • Receive Order Request
  • Verify Order
  • Packaging/ Dispatch
Drivers Panel

Delivery :

  • Delivery Request Notification
  • Visit Restaurant For Pickup
  • Out For Delivery
  • Order Delivered


Our Advanced Features

The Food delivering app clone script not only provides common features but is also embedded with some of the special features. These advance features are as follows:

texi thumbs
Free app

To stay up with the evolving trends, app upgrades are available for free.

texi thumbs
90 Days Support
To Fix Errors

We build a bug-free app and continue to offer 90 days of free technical support after delivery.

texi thumbs
110% Customizable
Clone Solutions

We provide 110 percent customised clone solutions, so you may adapt the scripts to your needs.

texi thumbs
Ready & Tested
Bug Free Script

Our cloning solutions have been extensively tested and are bug-free.

texi thumbs

This script for food ordering apps supports various languages, allowing it to be used all around the world.

texi thumbs
Support For
Multiple Currencies

The app script solution works with a variety of currencies and guarantees rapid development for your business.

texi thumbs
Multiple Payment

Payment may be collected or made in a number of ways, including debit card, credit card, and other wallet options.

texi thumbs

The app’s chat integration features make it interesting and quick to provide.

texi thumbs
/Subscription Model

You may benefit from our clone solution by offering incentives and subscriptions.

texi thumbs
Wallet Integration

Customers have the option of paying with their wallets

texi thumbs

Restaurant chains may offer their services via a number of different providers.

texi thumbs
Reward Point

Customers will get bonus points for each billing, which may be utilised to change future bill payments.

What makes us distinct from other company?

We are a top clone mobile app development business with decades of expertise in providing our valued customers with victorious solutions. We begin by analysing the client’s needs, after which we modify our pre-built online food delivery app clone script to meet their needs. We are committed to delivering clone apps on time, which sets us apart from the competition. We put our knowledge and commitment into our work and strive to offer the finest food delivery app clone solutions. Our unique selling point, which distinguishes us from the competition, is our rigorous dedication to deadlines and integration of all available features.

  • Comprehensive customizations
  • Timely deployment
  • Secure installation
  • Multi-platform operations
  • Appropriate support & maintenance
  • Cost-efficient solutions
  • Powerful admin dashboard
  • Performance scalability
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Scalable Product
  • Whitelabel Solution
  • Cost Effective
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Easily Accomodate a number of user activity
Technology Stack :-
Tech Stack - Android


Android Studio Version :4.1.1
Language :Java

Tech Stack - iOS


iOS :- Swift 4.2
xcode 12.3(Interface builder)



Backend: Node JS
Database: MongoDB

How to Monetize Food Delivery App Clone Script :-

Owners of the food delivery app clone script may charge extra to food delivering drivers and restaurant owners for each order, charge an additional cost during busy hours, advertise other businesses through banners, pop-ups, and clips, and certify it to Google Ad-Sense to earn from the pre-written script.

Why Choose Us?

It’s not easy to choose a script for an online food delivery service. You must determine whether or not the online food delivery PHP script can meet the changing company requirements. It must also be determined if it is capable of leading the company in a profitable direction. We’ve developed a highly successful, reliable, and complete food delivery application script that not only meets your needs, but also assists you in growing your business in the direction you want. Our food delivery app has separate interfaces for the driver, restaurant owner, merchant, and administrator. All business-related activities may be divided and completed by working together to achieve the precise objective. Our service is one of a kind. With the meal ordering application script, we also provide the source code.

Available for android and iOS

Available for Android and iOS

Expertized developers

Expertized Developers

pre and post sales support

Pre And Post Sales Support

easy to operate app

Easy to operate apps

Efficient cost

Efficient cost

Proper deliverable management of product

Proper deliverable management of product

Secure installation

Secure installation

Best support and maintenance

Best support and maintenance

Attractive UI/UX

Attractive UI/UX

Ready Made Solution

Ready Made Solution

Privacy & NDA

Successful track record

100% client satisfaction

100% client satisfaction

Transparent communication

Transparent communication

Privacy & NDA

Privacy & NDA

Frequently Asked Questions

A. The cost of developing an online food delivery software script is determined by the features that must be incorporated. The cost of the clone app also varies depending on the sophisticated features offered.

A. You may start delivering our food delivering app scripts right now. However, if you need customization, we would gladly do it in a timely manner to meet your needs.

A. We are committed to deliver pre-prepared source code for both the platforms i.e. Android and iOS. It is thoroughly dependent on your choice.

A. After delivery, we offer 90 days of post-technical support. If you encounter any problems within that time period, we are available to assist you after 90 days of post-technical support

A. You are free to contact us for assistance until you have used the app. We provide assistance for an indefinite length of time.

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