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Bigbasket stormed into the world of mobile applications with a disruptive idea and within a few years, it has become a leading application in the on-demand grocery delivery domain. It is a reliable application with a superior user experience, most of all it has brought ease in the lives of the users like no other app would do.

Looking at its success, it is very likely that you did like to enter into the same domain, there are many unexplored opportunities, specially in the local and hyperlocal market. But, Big basket app development is going to take a lot of time and resources. We recommend you choose the cost-effective alternative, get a Bigbasket clone app and make customizations to it.


Android delivery app

Uber Clone App offers you the best experience of Bigbasket clone app for your Android app development. The app has been designed according to the trendy android apps.

iOS delivery app

Uber Clone App offers you the best experience of Bigbasket clone app for your iOS app development. The app has been designed according to the trendy iOS apps.

Store panel

The store panel lets you manage the stores of different vendors in your bigbasket clone app. They offer you a variety of products to choose from.

Customer panel

The customer panel lets the customer login successfully and shows the status of their orders, payments, offers & deals, etc.

Why Opt a Clone over Big Basket App Development?

An app clone is a source code of a fully scripted application that mimics the functionality and qualities of a popular app. Meaning, you buy the Big basket app source code and customize it to build your application. The basic code is already done with all the necessary features and functionalities. It doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to develop a grocery delivery application and you have a fully-functioning product in less time. Furthermore, having a source code allows you to continuously scale your product. Since the business model is not much different from the other leading companies, you have everything you need at reduced cost.

You have the liberty to choose from so many options, which we have in store for you. Starting from the Bigbasket Clone standard package to some of the fantastic templates, there are lots of options available and the best part is that we have different customized packages which you can choose according to your business needs. Once we are done with the development part, our professional’s marketing team will get the charge from here and help your on demand Bigbasket clone app to get maximum visibility, which will increase ROI for your business. This means you don’t have to invest your time and money in finding an app marketing company outside you get all services under one roof.

We also offer app clones like laundry app development uber massage app, house cleaning app etc. If you want to gain some more information about our services, you are most welcome to get in touch with our team. We are happy to offer you some quick results, and we offer plenty of services already..


Bigbasket Clone - Grocery Software Solution

For all the pros and new people in the grocery business, this on demand big basket app is well established for your use. If you have been associated with grocery services for long and now want to flourish and get your business online, join hands with us. We want to present you with the best resources and with information about people who might want to take grocery services. It is time for you to get along with the best packages and the right ways to increase your business ideas. We have established this clone script not just for helping customers find Bigbasket Clone app development services, but also to help the workers with their business growth. This is going to be a win-win situation for both.

For more detailed information, feel free to contact us for on demand bigbasket app development. We are available online and are committed to offering you competitive help now. So, no matter whatever is your case, you are always going to receive the best from our team. And the best part is that the team is always available for you, by your side, to offer promising help.

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Some of our unique and attractive features that make our BigBasket clone script different from others and it is available for both Android, iOS and Website

  • Easy Registration
  • Geolocation based search
  • Schedule Delivery in Advance
  • Select delivery slot
  • Real-time tracking
  • Promo and Referrals
  • Manage Listing
  • Google analytics
  • Ratings and feedbacks
  • Order tracking
  • In app Wallet

Features of Bigbasket Clone


Signup / Login

Easy signup and login through social logins such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Mobile Numbers, etc.


Store Management

Feature-rich Store Management dashboard for your vendors, such as inventory management, discount management, etc.


Wide range of products

Bigbasket app script that can easily handle millions of products. The design is very user friendly and offers a seamless experience on the app.


Order Analytics

The big basket application source code comes with order analytics, including customer service, warehousing, distribution, procurement and more.


Referrals and Discounts

Boost sales on your platform and make the business more profitable for vendors with Referrals and discounts.


Track your order

Bigbasket like app with easy order tracking tool and added features such raising an issue, connecting the delivery person, and more.


Easy Payment Options

Multiple payment options, including debit cards, credit cards, ewallets, netbanking, UPI with multi-dimensional security.


Order History

Allow your users to track the order history. It offers them a complete breakdown of quantity and price for improved experience.

Benefits of Bigbasket Source Code App


Customized Solutions

Uber Clone App provides you the most exact candy crush clone source code which allows you to imitate the similar quality and superior gameplay of the globally leading game.


Whitelabeled App

Bigbasket like app script ready for rebranding with no complexities in customization, our product is one of the best reviewed whitelabel app for grocery delivery app development.


Reduced Time and Cost

Bigbasket clone allows you to develop applications in reduced time and cost as they are pre-built source codes with all the needed functionality of a leading product.


Expert Solution

Reliable solution from experts,Uber Clone App is a leading bigbasket clone mobile app provider with experienced team for customization and 24*7*365 days customer service.


High Scalability

Highly scalable solution for the people that are looking for faster turnaround time, and customization at various stages of their business lifecycle.


Third Party Integration

Offers easy customization with 3rd party integration making the process of product personalization very easy, fast and cost-effective.

Admin App Features


Admin Dashboard

Dedicated admin dashboard for keeping a close eye on all the operations happening internally and externally for your platform.


Profile Management

Easy profile management allows you to control what actions are available and visible to the users, vendors and other members in your organization.


Fleet Management

Enjoy the ease of adding, editing, removing drivers, fleet managers, vehicle and asset profiles to your database for transparent functioning.


Manage Orders

Bigbasket clone App with order management features - sales channel management, omnichannel SLA hour configuration, inventory management, order modification, etc.


Accounts and Management

Accounts and management features for easy change in passwords, service monitoring, user segmentation, service request management and more.


Loyalty Campaign and offers

Rewarding loyalty campaign development and management features that allow you to strategically retain your existing customers through incentives.


Push Notification

Notify your users of various things on your platform such as order confirmation, order cancellation, offers, discounts, and more.


Advanced Analytics

Use the tons of data generated over the platform to capture meaningful information on customer buying behaviour for improved decision-making.

Customer App Features


On-time Deliveries

Allow users to select from the available delivery time-slots, it helps inform the experience on the application.


Multiple Products

Robust cart development using high-end technology, allowing users to add tens of products and checkout with desirable payment mode.


Realtime order tracking

Realtime order tracking allows users to see where their order is currently, along with the estimated time of arrival.


Secure payments

Secure payment gateway integration for improved security of data across all the modes of the payment.


Push Notifications

Notification management features such as allowing or not allowing them to appear on the screen and also prioritizing the app notification.


Zero contact deliveries

Specifically for the Covid 19, allow users to opt for zero contact delivery for improved experience over the app with assured health precautions.


Cash on delivery

Allow users to opt for cash on delivery through cash or link generated payment for higher customer experience.



Take customer feedback for the store, app, and delivery services to bring more improvement in the services and user experience with your app.

Store Owner Features


Dedicated Dashboard

Dedicated dashboard with advanced analytics, and tools that allow vendors to manage all the internal and external operations happening over your store through the app.


Store Management

Manage the store on the go with high-end features such as multiple device data accessibility, advanced security, easy operations and more.


Store Business Hours

Avoid any inconvenience caused to your users while purchasing from you, manage the store business hours to avoid taking orders when you are not available.


Multiple Categories

Improve the browsing experience of the users on your store page by easily making multiple categories and adding products into them. This helps users to find the products they are looking for faster..


Inventory Management

Manage your inventory on the go with an integrated inventory management system. It comes with notifications and analytical tools for improved business management.


View and Manage Deliveries

View pending orders, manage their deliveries, and see the previous orders and deliveries on a dedicated order page.


Manage Payment

Dedicated dashboard for managing payment, giving you a complete report of the sales, money earned, refunds, pending requests, easy transfers, etc.


Manage Feedbacks and Reviews

Manage customer feedback and reviews for your store with an active response system that comes with automatic messaging.

Key Features of Bigbasket App



The entire code of the server, Admin dashboard, ios and android apps are given with unencrypted code and complete documentation



You can fill access to the source code, thus you can make any customization you want.



Our app name is developed with ultimate monitoring of every coding which makes the script completely a bug free.



The entire solution will work on a robust cloud infrastructure is fasted to handle high user growth.



We support in-app payments, running third-party ad networks and premium feature tire to bring more value.



Let us know your idea for matching and we will fully handle it’s technological implementation.



We ensure that your app idea is brought to reality with a dedicated team throughout the app building process.



Have plans of taking off and scaling up rapidly? We got your back with the most scalable robust product in each catagory.

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Cost of Bigbasket Clone Script

Developing an app like Bigbasket takes a lot of time and money. You have to search for a company that is reliable and experienced to handle high-end projects such as that. But, if you go with a BigBasket clone mobile app, you would just buy a fully functional application that is competitive for the market, and rebrand it as per your liking. It doesn’t require you to hunt for a bigbasket app development company, as you only need a few resources that can do small tweaks in the app. Furthermore, it is extremely rewarding for the users as the app is developed with precision. It has all the trendy features to keep your users engaged. It is efficient, cost-effective and a modern solution for businesses that are looking for a cheaper and faster way out in the market, still thinking?

Why choose us for Bigbasket Clone App Development?


Expert Professionals

Hire expert developers with more than 4 years of experience in mobile app development technologies.


Attractive UI/UX

User-friendly UI for improved experience on the application, our built bigbasket like app is visually stunning.



We ensure the protection of your app idea by signing a non-disclosure agreement with you.


Cost-effective solution

We provide you cost-effective services, including 3rd party integration to customize the services.



Assured privacy of general and financial data of the users for establishing trust for your app in the market.


Quick Delivery

Faster turnaround time in the market with fully customized whitelable Bigbasket like mobile app.


Successful track record

500 clone apps delivered and customized, we have a proven track record in the market.


100% Client Satisfaction

The quality and experience we provide in our apps has established us a top Big Basket app source code provider company.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a top-notch app development company with one of the largest developers and designer pool. We can help you in the development of an app like BigBasket.

We assign a dedicated project manager to your project that becomes the point of contact for you and the team. They are experienced professionals that help you communicate with the team.

Yes, we have a very flexible engagement model where you can hire dedicated resources on hourly, yearly or part-time basis.

Yes, the project manager provides you with a monthly and weekly report through emails and calls. You can connect them anytime to get information related to the app development project.

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