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Booking taxis online is not a new thing. The Uber cab services have been around for years because it is simple and on-demand. Users can call a taxi simply from their smartphone app, and a cab will be available to reach their destination. However, you can also build your own taxi dispatch system to help these customers even more. You can build a Uber clone app script or a taxi app like Uber to start your business. Since the on-demand taxi service has been growing more popular every day, building a taxi clone app can help you achieve your business goal of attracting thousands of customers every day. So, let us help you with your on-demand transportation and logistic app development strategy.

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What is Taxi Dispatch Software?

If you are an entrepreneur looking to build your own business by developing a taxi app, get on with it. Uber Clone Taxi app digital platform allows you to expand your business by offering quality rides to your customers. Through the taxi clone app, customers can book a taxi at an affordable price and reach their preferred destination. It’s the app that connects riders with cab drivers seamlessly. If you are looking to build such an Uber clone taxi app, there is no better timing than this.

At Uber Clone, we offer 100% ready-made scripts & customized app scripts like on demand mechanic app, truck dispatch software, taxi apps like uber etc. to our customers So, you can decide what your clone taxi app should look like and how it would perform. We have a team of dedicated and talented technicians and app development experts who always work hard to meet our customers’ requirements and provide ultimate satisfaction. If you want to build a quality, fast, and reliable Uber clone app for the taxi business, we can help you with the planning, development, and customization process of your clone script. All it takes is a simple phone call to text message to our customer support team, and we can talk about your newly planned business. Once we know about your requirements, our team will help you bring your dream back to life.

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What Do You Get With Our Uber Like Taxi Dispatch System?

We provide the best uber clone scripts!

Let’s find out about the services that our customized Uber taxi clone app provides for your business and how it will benefit you in the long run.

Our Taxi Apps With Uber Like Features

Let’s have a look at the highlighted features of our taxi dispatch software solution that would convince you, even more, to get your own app like Uber.

Customer Features

These are the features that your customers or riders can access from the Customer App:


Sign up/Login

Customers can register with their email ID and password or the social login feature.


Book Rides

The users can directly book a cab from your app to reach their preferred destination.


Schedule Rides

Users can also schedule their rides and get taxis at their preferred time.



The auto-location feature can detect the user’s location automatically.


SOS Alert

Users can get emergency rides right through our SOS Alert feature.


In-app Wallet

The in-app wallet feature helps your customers store balance within the app itself.


Refer Driver

Customers can refer services to their friends if they enjoy the ride.


Customer Detailed Profile

Your customers can access most of the information about their profile.


Mark as Favourite

A user can mark their favorite rides and save them for later references.


Email And SMS Notification

Get push and SMS notifications on the riders’ mobile numbers about their riding activities.


Live Geo Tracking

It allows both user and driver to learn about each other’s current location.


Talk To Your Driver

Users can talk to their driver directly through messages and audio calls.


Change/Cancel Booking

Users can cancel or modify their taxi booking activities right from the application.


Fare Estimate

Get the estimated fare of a riding service before you book a cab.


Ride History

Ride history will allow the users to check out their previous riding experiences.


Online Payment

Pay online for the cab service before and after they complete the ride.



Check reviews of other riders to learn more about cab services and share your experience.

Driver’s Features

These are the features designed for your drivers that they can access from your app:

Sign Up/Login

Drivers can easily sign-up by providing their email and phone number.

Monitor Your Earnings

Drivers can easily monitor their earning stats from the application’s dashboard itself.

Toggle Driver Availability

Toggle off the availability option in case of unavailability to take rides.

Instant Ride

The instant ride option will help drivers to offer instant riding to the customers.

Notification – In App/ Push Notification

Get push notifications about the rider’s updated activities on the app.

History Details

Find the details of their previous rides right from the app’s interface itself.


Request reviews from their riders that will help them get a higher rating.


Easy Call

Drivers can easily contact the riders to get to know their location whenever required.

Language Preference

Multiple languages are available for drivers to select and talk to riders.

Live Navigation

The live navigation feature will let you know the location of the riders.

Get Trip Request

Drivers can request extra trips from the riders.

Security / Sensitive Data Protection

The security protection is bound to keep your private data safe.

Canceling Power

The driver can cancel a ride as well as the riders.

Earning Report

At the end of the week/month, drivers will get a detailed earning report.

In App Chat

In app chat option allows riders and drivers to connect with each other.

Admin Features

The admin monitors all the activities of the Uber clone app for the taxi business. And the app delivers the following features.


Contains every section, including rides and history, customer lists, driver management, and more.

Driver Management

The admin can also manage the drivers from their admin dashboard.

Vehicle Management

Manage the vehicles that drivers are going to drive and riders are going to ride.

Assign Drivers

Admin can assign drivers for specific riding trips.

Manage Promo Code

Additional coupons, promo codes, offers, etc. are managed by the admins.

Revenue Tracking Report

Track drivers commission and business earnings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Adding Of Bank Account

Admins can add their bank account details for direct payout.

Fare Management

Admins can determine the fare of taxi rides.

Monitor Trip History

Admins of your business can monitor the trip history of the taxi service.


User Management

Admins can manage the users right from their app’s dashboard.

Incoming Order Management

Admins can manage the incoming and ongoing riding orders effectively.

Manage Bookings

Manage the riding bookings from their app’s dashboard whenever they want.

Real-Time Fleet Tracking

Admins can track real-time taxi trips from their app.

Manage Notification

Both users’ and drivers’ SMS and push notifications are managed by the admin.

Wallet System

The in-wallet system allows saving balance and credit and tracks their usage.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

The admin app of the taxi clone business works on different platforms.

Manual Booking

Admins can control the manual booking option from their application.


Admins can also ask for the users’ feedback to improve the taxi service experience.

Dispatcher Panel Features

Taxi dispatchers can determine the taxi numbers and how they are going to receive ride requests. They also communicate with their drivers and assist them with different solutions related to taxi service bookings. Here are some of the features of the dispatcher panel that the dispatcher can access:



Manage the taxi bookings right from their dispatcher panel.



Dispatchers have the rights to assign drivers for trips.



Track the live trip from their taxi clone mobile application.



Manual booking is also supported on the dispatcher’s panel.



Dispatchers can monitor the trip history from the app.



The dispatchers of taxis can ask for feedback to improve their services.

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Admin Panel Details

  • admin_panel_btn
  • Username : demo1@demo.demo
    Password : 123456
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How Does Our Taxi App Clone Script Works?



  • Registration
  • Enter Location
  • Select a car
  • Track the ride
  • Trip started
  • Payment
  • Ratings & Reviews


  • Registration
  • Trip request to admin
  • Availability status
  • Accept rides
  • Payment
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Earnings

UberClone App

Advanced Features


Free App Updation

We update our Uber clone app for taxi businesses regularly to keep technical glitches and security issues at bay.


90 Days Support To Fix Errors

We provide 90 days of online support to our customers to fix any errors that appear on the taxi software.


110% Customizable Clone Solutions

Your Uber taxi clone script is changeable so that you can add new features and functions.


Ready & Tested Bug Free Script

We deliver only ready-made and tested bug free Uber taxi clone scripts to our customers.


Multi-Lingual Support

Our taxi dispatch software supports multiple national and international languages.


Support For Multiple Currencies

Our taxi dispatch software supports different currencies from different countries.


Multiple Payment Modes

There are different payment modes in our taxi apps like Uber development project to checkout for the riders and withdraw for drivers.


Taxi App For Physically-Challenged People

We make our Uber taxi clone script compatible for people with physical-challenges.


Taxi Booking Based On Gender

Riders can book their taxis based on their gender to ensure extra safety.


Schedule Car Trips In Advance

Riders can schedule long and short trips in advance to avoid difficulties.

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What Makes Us Distinct From Other Taxi Booking App Development Companies?

Among all the taxi development software teams in the world, there are some vital elements that help us stand out. Here are our services:

  • setting_icons

    Comprehensive customizations

  • setting_icons

    Timely deployment

  • setting_icons

    Secure installation

  • setting_icons

    Multi-platform operations

  • setting_icons

    Appropriate support & maintenance

  • setting_icons

    Cost-efficient solutions

  • setting_icons

    Powerful admin dashboard

  • setting_icons

    Performance scalability

  • setting_icons

    Turnkey Solution

  • setting_icons

    Scalable Product

  • setting_icons

    Whitelabel Solution

  • setting_icons

    Cost Effective

  • setting_icons

    Native Mobile Apps

  • setting_icons

    Easily Accomodate a number of user activity


Technology Stack



  • Android Studio Version :4.1.1
  • Language :Java


  • iOS : Swift 4.2
  • xcode 12.3(Interface builder)


  • Backend: Node JS
  • Database: MongoDB

How To Monetize Uber Clone Taxi clone Script

After starting a business, you earn commission on every ride that the customers book from your business and through referral program.


Why Choose Taxi Clone App Solution?

If you wish to build your own customized taxi solutions, there won’t be anyone more qualified than us. Over the years, all we have gained is knowledge and confidence. And we have understood how to satisfy our different clients with different needs. Along with using the latest technologies, we help you customize your taxi clone script so that your business stands out in the crowd. Here we communicate, understand, and take care of your different needs regarding your first or next taxi service application.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. We use the popular app development frameworks like Swiftic, Native Scripts, Xamarin, etc. to develop most types of applications.

A. We will 100% help you with your taxi clone application, with whatever you need. You just have to share what’s in your mind.

A. Yes, we use multilingual scripts for our different clients and for different application platforms.

A. The cost of your Uber clone app depends on the features and functions you want to add. To know about the price, you can contact us today, and we will discuss the subject together.

A. Absolutely, we sign an NDA to establish confidential relationships. You are the owner of the app and we assure you to not divulge or release information.

A. The delivery time of your customized Uber-like taxi app depends on the effort we have to put into it. To know about this, we suggest you contact us today.

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