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Launch A Promising Online Food Delivery App Business That Keeps Shedding Monetary Gains

If you are determined to start a promising online food delivery business, you must have a unique business model in mind. Additionally, it must be supported with a flawless online food delivery script that is packed with all essential features and attracts the attention of restaurant owners.

At Uber Clone App, we offer you a feature-packed food delivery software that incorporates multiple versions like customer app, restaurant app, delivery partner app, etc. We can serve you with a food delivery clone script for any famous app business to let you enjoy maximum benefits within a limited budget. We help in successfully launching your app and help you collaborate with local retailers to exponentially grow your business.

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Our Readymade Food Delivery App Script – A Strong Support Solution For Your Business

The increasing demand for food delivery software means an excellent business proposition for restaurant owners. You can run multiple food chains or stick to one restaurant as per choice, and our food delivery app clone allows serving customers efficiently and at the same time manages everyday activities effortlessly.

Our app stands as a lucrative solution for your online business and aims at expanding it at every interval. It is a top-class mobile application that caters to the requirements of the customers in current and future scenarios. Our online food delivery app clone is an efficient ordering system that is built-in MySQL and PHP and adds a smart and robust functionality into the entrepreneur’s restaurant site. The script is fully customizable as per the user’s needs.

It is flexible, simple, and easy to use and does not need any programming skills. With our script, the restaurant owners can please their customers with a fast online food ordering system and offer an enjoyable delivery experience with single-click order placement.

What Do You Get With Our Online Food Delivery Clone Script?

Our readymade food delivery and ordering solution are one of the simplest and quickest ways to launch a rewarding food delivery business anywhere in the world. It is packed with innumerable astounding features, which makes it an impeccable choice among users!

Our Features

Our experts have implemented many features in the app that makes it more exciting and fun. These necessary features make our app stand out in the market and beat the competition.

Customer Features

Sign Up login

It permits customers to create a login account in just a few minutes.

customer detailed profile
Create Profile

Unique profiles can be created by the customers any time as per their preferences.

facebook google apple foodpanda
Facebook, Google and Apple ID Signup

Login using their social media IDs to enjoy ordering food and making payment.

Live Tracking
Live Tracking

After ordering food, you can track the location of the delivery person on a real-time basis.

Restaurant Dashboard
Restaurant Dashboard

It allows users to find restaurants based on their preferences like cuisine, location, etc.

Nearby Restaurants Foodpanda
Nearby Restaurants

It allows customers to search for nearby restaurants as per their location.

restaurant menu -foodpanda clone
Restaurant Menu

It showcases a diverse menu of the restaurant in one row and makes ordering easy.

Rating and Reviews

Check ratings of a restaurant before booking orders and also review your experiences with others.

Smart Search

Search and compare different cuisines, offers, restaurants with this feature.

Schedule Delivery

It helps to order food ahead of time and get it whenever you want.

Push Notification

Receive messages popping up on the smartphone screen even if the application is closed.

Email Notifications

Get regular updates about your favorite restaurant in your inbox.

OTP Verification for Sign up Process (Twilio)

The sign-up process is secured with OTP verification and ensures you never experience any issue.

Order Tracking

Track your order on a real time basis after ordering food from your favorite restaurant

Favourite Restaurant

Mark your favorite restaurants, dishes, and eateries, which saves them a lot of search time.

Coupon/Promo Code Management

Save money with discounts and promo code while ordering food online.

Contactless Dining

Order online, skip waiting lines, and enjoy food from your favorite restaurant at home.

Take Away

Book orders online and pick up food by yourselves to waive off the delivery price.

Multiple Payment Methods

The customer enjoys paying from preferred payment mode.

Support Corner

Rich technical support to ensure that the app keeps running swiftly.

Restaurant App Features

Order Dashboard

A scalable and flexible dashboard that helps to know new, on-going, and completed orders.

Manage Menu/ Categories

Keep offering high-quality new dishes as per their choice and removing as and when needed.

Manage Business Profile

Our food delivery script helps restaurant owners to manage business profiles.

Manage‌ ‌Opening‌ ‌Days‌ ‌&‌ ‌Timings

Keep your customers well-informed about closing and opening timings and days off.

Customer Details

Store customer details to know the new and repeating customer choices.

Manage Customer‌ ‌Order‌ ‌Status

Manage and track the status of your customer’s order for speedy delivery.

Manage‌ ‌Special‌ ‌Offers

Restaurants can manage busy schedules and announce special offers using the app.

Message‌ ‌Customers

View complete information about customers and manage deliveries.

Payment‌ ‌Gateways‌ ‌Choice

To offer a seamless payment mechanism like CC, PayPal, wire transfer, UPI, etc.

Coupon Code Generation

Our food delivery clone script allows generation of new coupon codes to offer to your customers.

Multiple Language Support

Our PHP script allows easy changing of the preferred language as per the user’s choice.

Manage Delivery areas

It helps restaurant owners to manage food preparation based on customer’s location.

Review Management

Design tabs for food quality, food items, customer satisfaction, and others to get customer reviews.

Send Request To Delivery Agent

Enjoy an automated delivery process by informing the delivery agent about the ready orders.


Keep a check on your earnings and know the most and least preferred dish.

Language Preference

Set multiple language preferences for your app to serve a wide audience base.

Track Payments

Track status of client payment in a few seconds right from your restaurant.

Food Inventory Management

Our food delivery script makes it easy to track inventory to efficiently meet customers’ requirements.

Track Order

Check details of status of order such as pending payments, order cancellation, etc.

Delivery Status

Track the delivery status of the client’s order to ensure timely delivery.

Driver App Features


Connect with restaurants and customers simultaneously with the help of a flexible and scalable dashboard.

Accept/Decline Realtime‌ ‌Request (Multiple)

Get notifications to accept new orders or decline a request if you are unavailable.

Edit/Update Profile

With our food delivery app script, the drivers can login, edit, and update their profile.

Pick Up order

Know about any pick-up order and immediately pick it up for timely delivery.

Delivery Information

Get information on the distinct locations of numerous food deliveries.

Live Tracking

Share your live location with the restaurant owners and customers.

Manage Order

Manage all orders from one place and get a complete view of the orders.

Real Time Tracking

Track the locations of their customers in real-time to get route directions on the map.


Get notifications about new orders, delivered ones, payment received, and other vital updates.

Route Optimization

Find the best route to make delivery in the shortest time frame.

Manage Availability Settings

Update your availability and manage numerous deliveries at the same time with ease.


Simplify earning management for the driver on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

In-App Call / Chat

Allows drivers to make calls or chat with the restaurant owner or customer.

Delivery Agent’s Multiple Shifts

If you perform multiple shifts of work, update easily in the app to maintain transparency.

Payment History

Enable drivers’ payments for completed deliveries using our food delivery app script.

Profile Management

Managing profile is completely simple for the driver.

Help Support

Whenever the driver experiences problems, he can contact the support team 24 x 7.

Manage Vehicles

Managing vehicles is a simplified process in our software.

Merchant Panel Features

Web Portal

Get a robust online portal that allows handling every aspect from a centralized location.

Admin Dashboard

It enables merchants to see all vital features to make business management a lot easier.

Location‌ ‌Management

Track the current status of the delivery person to offer the best route and ensure completion.

Manage Users

Managing users by the admin is a hassle-free process.

Manage Drivers

Manage drivers efficiently using this app. The app comprises all elements to make the user experience better.

Manage Customers/Restaurants

Allows smooth management of restaurants and customers for better engagement and conversion rate.

Menu Manager

Manage the new changes in the menu done by the restaurant owners and the admin.

Order Manager

Manage orders according to the delivery schedules and priority of the customers.

Advertising/Offer Management

Manage new offers and advertisements based on availability and preferences.

Notification Manager

Get notifications and manage the same to ensure seamless delivery and receipt of the order.

Content Management

To keep engaging the customers, merchants can manage the content.

Manage, Add, Edit & Delete Products

Offer a quick and simple process for adding, deleting, and editing products.

Email Alerts to Register Users

Our food delivery software lets merchants send email alerts and updates to the registered users.

Import & Export Products Via Excel

New products can be added and old ones can be removed in a single click.

Analytical Reports

Prepare real-time reports using detailed information to identify expansion and growth opportunities for the business.

View Earning Reports

View earning points and ensure that the business is heading towards monetary gains.

Admin Panel Features

Web Portal

Offer a special web portal for the admin with a multitude of features.

Admin‌ ‌Dashboard

Take a quick view of the deliveries, payments, and orders on the dashboard.

Location‌ ‌management

Manage locations for quick deliveries and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Manage Users

It includes all the details of the users, and the admin can manage the users easily.

Manage Customers / Restaurants

Manage restaurant details by updating, adding, and removing the restaurants from the list.

Order Manager

Manage orders and track order history efficiently for a smooth delivery process.

Advertising / offer Management

Introduce new special packages or offers for a particular set of customers.

Notification Manager

Allows admin to improve the business operations, resulting in a wonderful app experience.

Content Management

Keep the content of your app updated to engage customers.

Manage, Add, Edit and Delete Products

Edit, delete, or add products to the list as per customer’s preferences.

Email Alerts to Register Users

Send instant message or email alert to inform about the new item or offer introduced.

Import and Export Products via Excel

It is possible to import and export products through excel with a single click.

Analytical Reports

Conveniently create reports based on real-time analytics. The process is simple and hassle-free.

View Earning Reports

View the earning points of the delivery person from the wallet.

View Demo

Get both the Android & iOs apps for free. After All building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Premium Application demo

App Demo
texi thumbs

User Id : aisdemo1@demo.demo
Password : 123456

texi thumbs

User Id : aisdemo2@demo.demo
Password : 123456

texi thumbs

User Id: aisdemom1@demo.demo
Password : 123456

texi thumbs

User Id: aisdemom1@demo.demo
Password : 123456

texi thumbs

User Id : aisdemod1@demo.demo
Password : 123456

texi thumbs

User Id : aisdemod2@demo.demo
Password : 123456

Web Demo
texi thumbs
  • Username: superadmin@aistechnolabs.co.uk
  • Password: YjSaRCqFS5vhd8N5

Our App's Screenshot

How Does Our Online Food Delivery App Script Works

User Panel

User :

  • Registration
  • Browse Restaurants
  • Choose Items
  • Add to Cart
  • Order Confirmation
Admins Panel

Admin :

  • Receive Order Request
  • Verify Order
  • Packaging/ Dispatch
Drivers Panel

Delivery :

  • Delivery Request Notification
  • Visit Restaurant For Pickup
  • Out For Delivery
  • Order Delivered


Advanced Features

We strive to curate something that attracts more foodies and doubles up revenues to your business. We offer an attractive UI/UX that makes our app a big craze among the users. With advanced features, our app ensures your business always accelerates to a great level.

texi thumbs
Free App Updation

You will love this feature as we allow regular updates of our app absolutely free of cost.

texi thumbs
90 Days Support To Fix Errors

If you ever find any errors or bugs in our app, you can use this feature. It offers 90 days support to rectify errors.

texi thumbs
100% Customizable Clone Solutions

No need to worry about the uniqueness of your app as it is fully customizable and can be tailored to meet your exclusive needs.

texi thumbs
Ready And Tested Bug Free Script

Our team experts regularly test the script to make sure it is available for use and free from bugs or issues.

texi thumbs
Multiple Payment Modes

Offer support to multiple payments and allow making transactions using CC, PayPal, UPI, wallet, wire transfer, etc.

texi thumbs
Chat integration

It is quintessential to have a chatbot and our app is incorporated with an AI-powered chatbot that holds the potential to streamline customer interactions.

texi thumbs
Commission subscription model

Our food delivery app comes with this amazing feature that allows setting commission at different levels to maximize earnings.

texi thumbs
Wallet integration

We optimally cater the demands of modern customers by offering various kinds of mobile wallet options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, Paytm, etc.

texi thumbs
Multi-vendor support

Our app comes with pre-built support for multiple vendors. It gracefully accommodates the multi-vendor model of the food delivery business.

texi thumbs
Reward Point system

Rewards your customers with loyalty points every time they choose your brand over another and exchange them using a centralized platform.

What Makes Us Distinct From Other Companies?

We are one of the leading IT companies in the world, offering an extensive assortment of IT solutions such as app development, UI/UX design, digital marketing, website development, and other marketing services to businesses around the world.

Our result-driven food delivery app development services focus on B2C and B2B operations and are enriched with a multitude of incredible features. We have helped innumerable food and restaurant businesses connect strongly with their online audience and efficiently manage mobile app-based food ordering solutions to let them consistently move towards success.

  • Comprehensive customizations
  • Timely deployment
  • Secure installation
  • Multi-platform operations
  • Appropriate support & maintenance
  • Cost-efficient solutions
  • Powerful admin dashboard
  • Performance scalability
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Scalable Product
  • Whitelabel Solution
  • Cost Effective
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Easily Accomodate a number of user activity
Technology Stack :-
Tech Stack - Android


Android Studio Version :4.1.1
Language :Java

Tech Stack - iOS


iOS :- Swift 4.2
xcode 12.3(Interface builder)



Backend: Node JS
Database: MongoDB

How To Monetize Uber Clone Script :-

You can monetize your Food delivery PHP script through commission from restaurants, promotion fee, annual subscriptions, and more ways.

Why Choose Us?

Our online food delivery app is one of the most used applications around the world and will definitely impress you with its remarkable features. In addition to being brilliant, it offers immense support to business models and has allowed entrepreneurs across the world to meet their requirements to the fullest. It works as you say and comes within your preferred time and budget.

The app allows you to get it all at very less cost and time. You can customize our clone application source code to optimally meet your business requirements. You can get a unique source code and use it to add new features, make alterations to meet scalability. Get this flexible and promising business solution for a successful online food delivery app launch.

Available for android and iOS

Available for Android and iOS

Expertized developers

Expertized Developers

pre and post sales support

Pre And Post Sales Support

easy to operate app

Easy to operate apps

Efficient cost

Efficient cost

Proper deliverable management of product

Proper deliverable management of product

Secure installation

Secure installation

Best support and maintenance

Best support and maintenance

Attractive UI/UX

Attractive UI/UX

Ready Made Solution

Ready Made Solution

Successful track record

Successful track record

100% client satisfaction

100% client satisfaction

Transparent communication

Transparent communication

Privacy & NDA

Privacy & NDA

Frequently Asked Questions

A. There are multiple factors that decide the price of app development. It also depends on the technology stacks, delivery time, and team expertise of the app development agency. However, we offer services based on the MVP model, and hence, can provide you with a decent estimate of the product development cost.

A. You can select a support package as per your requirements, and we continue to offer support for the app. But at minimum, you enjoy this service for 3 months for absolutely free of cost.

A. Yes, we offer post-sales support 365 days and 24 x 7. Our customer support team is responsive and knowledgeable and offers assistance if the app is not starting properly or there are performance problems.

A. Yes, you can go for our white label partnership program and own the rights of using the clone app source code of your food delivery app.

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