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Get ready to become the global crush of the gaming community with Candy Crush clone for android and iOS platforms. People have been crushing over the Candy Crush for years. If you too believe that your app idea can become that huge, contact us at Uber Clone app. We are experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of game development. We can help you build a Candy Crush like game. We understand the complexities in the game, specially the randomness found in it which makes the game play exciting. So, what are you thinking? Share your project details with us today.


Web design

The web design of our Candy crush clone app is very interesting and tempting for users to continue their play. The design layout is planned to give the user a complete user friendly interface in their mobile view.


High graphics

The graphics used by us in the candy-crush clone are of high quality for the best user experience. The graphics are based on the latest technology and current game trends.


Cloud Storage

In our candy crush clone script, a player will be allowed to store it’s progress in the cloud storage available in our game. This will help the player to start from where he left and collect more points.


Points Table

We have set up a points table in our Candy-crush clone game to show the daily winners of the game. The player would play more in order to accomplish the No. 1 position on the points table.

Why Opt for Candy Crush Saga Clone?

Clone app development allows you to imitate the functionality of a leading application in your product and reduce the development time and cost. It is very popular as it allows you to have the source code of the application, meanwhile also have the necessary customizations made to the game to add the unique engaging point in the game.


If you have a Candy Crush Saga like game in your mind, don’t waste time in going with end-to-end development, get our candy crush source code Android and iOS version for reduced development cost and faster turnaround time. And with Uber Clone App it gets better, we help you make the necessary tweaks in the game for improved engagement.

You have the liberty to choose from so many options, which we have in store for you. Starting from the Candy crush clone standard package to some of the fantastic templates, there are lots of options available and the best part is that we have different customized packages which you can choose according to your business needs. Once we are done with the development part, our professional’s marketing team will get the charge from here and help you with Candy crush clone app to get maximum visibility, which will increase ROI for your business. This means you don’t have to invest your time and money in finding an app marketing company outside you get all services under one roof.

If you want to gain some more information about our services, you are most welcome to get in touch with our team. We are happy to offer you some quick results, and we offer plenty of services already.

Candy crush clone app Development – checking for the right quality

For all the pros and new people in the game business, this Candy crush clone app is well established for your use. If you have been associated with Candy crush clone game services for long and now want to flourish and get your business online, join hands with us. We want to present you with the best resources and with information about people who might want to take Candy crush clone game services. It is time for you to get along with the best packages and the right ways to increase your business ideas. We have established this clone script not just for helping customers find Candy crush clone app development services, but also to help the workers with their business growth. This is going to be a win-win situation for both.

For more detailed information, feel free to contact us for an online script like Airbnb script, BigBasket clone script, slot machine script, online poker script , etc. We are available online and are committed to offering you competitive help now. So, no matter whatever is your case, you are always going to receive the best from our team. And the best part is that the team is always available for you, by your side, to offer promising help.

shape_03 Candy-Crush4

Our Complete Candy crush clone Features That Suits Your Business Services

Some of our unique and attractive features that make our Candy crush clone script different from others and it is available for both Android, iOS and Website

  • Login setup
  • Social Media Integration
  • Advertisement controller
  • Rating and reviews
  • Top notch graphics
  • Level Editing
  • Leadership board
  • In app Wallet

Advanced Features


Different Levels

Multi-level game play with integrated features for increased engagement and higher user retentions, perfect for games like candy crush saga


Mesmerizing Candies

Graphically-superior different types of candies in the game, making it easy for your users to remember the candies and improve their game play strategy.


Play alone or with friends

Features like games like candy crush, offering users to play alone or with friends for higher engagement. The app also allows them to integrate with social accounts.



Addictive features such as daily and weekly rewards for increased user engagement on games like candy crush saga.


Variety of Challenges

Get a candy crush saga app clone with in-built variety of challenges for increased excitement, the game works on the random method which increases and decreases the difficulty level based on their position in the game.


Virtual games

Integrated games to always keep your users engaged with your product. It allows them to explore a variety of game variants very similar to candy crush saga.

Benefits of Candy Crush Clone App Development


Branded Solutions

Uber Clone App provides you the most exact candy crush like app source code which allows you to imitate the similar quality and superior gameplay of the globally leading game.



Tried and tested solution provider of candy crush source code Android and iOS version to stay spot on in engagement and improved experience of the users.


Tech-savvy solutions

Buy candy crush like source code from a technically experienced company in the development and design of games. We provide you well-tested app code for glitch-free gaming experience.


Wider audience reach

Buy a global product that is loved by millions of app users around the world. We have developed our Candy Crush like app clone with in-depth research to suit the taste of a wide variety of users around the world.


Faster time to market

A Candy Crush Saga Clone would reduce the development efforts of a development team and would save you plenty of time, meaning you can launch the app faster in the market.


Global Solution

Candy Crush Saga is a widely loved game with millions of followers. It has been an editor choice app for years, and it is a sure shot solution to gain faster success in the market with our Candy Crush Source Code.

Admin App Features


Profile management

Easy profile management features on the dedicated features offering you all the tools to address any problem addressed by the user in the management of their account.


User management

Easy user management allows you to access the systems, devices, applications, storage systems, networks, SaaS services and more for improved administration of the app.


Integrate Payment

In-app purchase feature for the games like candy crush allowing your users to choose from the multiple payment modes to buy products within the app.


Manage Sound

General app management features such as sound settings, music setting, volume, vibrariton, and more for improved gaming experience.


Social Media Integration

Social media integration within the app for improved gaming experience. Users can compete with their friends and family to make a team within the game for superior and immersive gaming and more.


Leadership Board

Dedicated leadership board based on multiple factors. It allows you to keep your users competitive on various levels and retain them for a very long time on your platform.

User App Features


Register Profile development

Allow your users to develop their gaming avatar with your applications using their social media accounts, email ids, mobile number, etc.


Crush Candies

Superior game play with integrated logics allowing users to make numerous combinations, for improved function of the app and user experience.


In-game currency

Well developed in-game currency for making in-app purchases allowing you to increase the user engagement as per your business plan.


Real time vs mode

Buy source code for game like candy crush allowing users to switch between online game playing and offline game playing for improved user engagement.


Play game along or with Friends

Social media integration within the app for improved gaming experience. Users can compete with their friends and family to make a team within the game for superior and immersive gaming and more.


Multiple Levels

Multi-level game play with random number generation to always keep your users engaged with the game with improved difficulty at various game levels.

Handy For All Key Features



The entire code of the server, Admin dashboard, ios and android apps are given with unencrypted code and complete documentation



You can fill access to the source code, thus you can make any customization you want.



Our app name is developed with ultimate monitoring of every coding which makes the script completely a bug free.



The entire solution will work on a robust cloud infrastructure is fasted to handle high user growth.



We support in-app payments, running third-party ad networks and premium feature tire to bring more value.



Let us know your idea for matching and we will fully handle it’s technological implementation.



We ensure that your app idea is brought to reality with a dedicated team throughout the app building process.



Have plans of taking off and scaling up rapidly? We got your back with the most scalable robust product in each catagory.

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Candy Crush Clone Demo :


Cost of Games Like Candy Crush

Cost of development reduces significantly when you choose to go with candy crush app clone development. It is a pre-built base for games like candy crush. It allows you to develop applications with similar capabilities and potential of the candy crush original games. We offer you the candy crush source code for android and iOS platforms allowing you to position yourself amongst the leaders in the market. It is a time and cost saving solution for businesses looking for quick launch and reduced development cost. It is cheaper than getting game development from the outset. It allows you to use the base of candy crush saga like game source code for customization and developing apps as per your vision. Our candy crush game source allows you to develop apps of high-rated applications.

Why choose us for Candy Crush clone app development?


Team of Experts

We area a team of game developers with more than 5+ years of experience in developing feature-rich and high-performing candy crush like games.



We have a modern infrastructure for every modern tool and technology to ensure the safety of your app idea and high-tech development and customization.



Non-disclosure agreement gives you an assurity of your app idea being safe from any information leakage within the company.


Source Code Optimization

We make sure our code is clean and is free of any discrepancies to offer you a major advantage in your online marketing practices.


On-time delivery

We understand that time is an important factor for you in running the game business better, we ensure on-time delivery for no increased timelines and delays in the project.


Bug free solution

Bugs can make you lose potential users, hence we make sure that the app experience on our provided candy crush source code and iOS and Android version is bug-free.


24*7 support

We offer you all year round technical support to help you address any problems related to our products. We have a highly efficient team of developers, experience and expertise in handling any development work. .


SEO-friendly solutions

We use the best development practices and make sure the code is clean and well-suited with the development trends of the modern time for it to provide you amazing SEO benefits in the modern times.


Technical Support

We offer you 24*7*265 days support for any problem with our provided clone application. You can contact our development team for any kind of technical emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

We give you the source-code of the application which allows you to make customization to the application easily.

Yes, our offered applications are thoroughly tested. But in case you make any customization in the source code of the app with the help of any other company, we highly recommend you to check the app before launch.

Yes, we offer you launch and maintenance and support services, we have a 24*7*365 days support service in case you face any problem with our developed program.

Yes, we offer you admin tools that allow you to easily manage the application and perform numerous administrative tasks over the product.

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