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The match-3 version has been a gaming sensation for a while now, with different variations for Candy Crush Saga. The game is easy to learn yet very engaging, which is one of the core reasons for its consistent popularity. So, if you are a developer planning to develop your own version, then games like Candy Crush Saga can be your choice. But, in a market full of different gaming options, how do you make sure that your version stands out?

Well, in this guide, we will provide a technical checklist for developing Candy Crush Saga clones for you. We will discuss the core gameplay mechanics, candy crush clone source code, other methods to enhance the experience and some monetization strategies.

Candy Crush Saga: An Overview

The game of Candy Crush Saga revolves around swapping colored candies or gems on a grid. The players are supposed to drag the candies horizontally or vertically, with the aim of matching them in a pattern. This core loop ensures replayability by giving points as rewards for winning matches.

To create your Candy Crush Clone, you need a complete analysis strategy and idea in place. Let’s discuss the key features and process of developing games like Candy Crush Saga in detail:

1.Level Design

Every game becomes more interesting as one approaches the next level. The game levels should be designed in a way that the challenge and thrill increase in every round. When designing levels, consider the following points:

Objectives: Objectives give players the motivation to play smartly and achieve a certain target. For example, you can introduce a target score, collect a specific number of tokens, or clear some other task on the board.

Difficulty Level: The very purpose of different levels in a game is to level up the thrill and endeavor. You can introduce new types of gems with different features, change the outlay to increase the difficulty or limit the number of moves allowed in a go.

Special Effects: Some power-ups and special effects enhance the complexity of the game. These power boosts can help players clear larger sections of the board, change the placements of the candies, or tackle any obstruction in the game.

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Examples may include vertical or horizontal power bombs or rockets.

2. Modernizing the Gameplay Experience

While the main game mechanics remain the same, it’s important to keep your Candy Crush Saga clone fresh, updated, and engaging for the players. It helps keep the game relevant to the players. Consider the following points:

Chain Reactions: Enable chain reactions that are triggered by a certain set of combinations, clearing larger sections of the board and earning rewards simultaneously.

Time Challenge: Add time challenges like timers for different levels. This adds to the pressure and strategic mindset of the player, invoking a sense of urgency and adventure.

Board Elements: Add special things to the game board that act in surprising ways! These can be magic circles that swap gems around, moving paths that push gems on their own, or super strong blocks that need a special trick to break.

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3.Social Features:Supporting Community Engagement

While the core game features are important, enabling community interaction breathes life into a dull and monotonous gaming envi
ronment. Social features can significantly improve user experience. Let’s have a look at some of these social points:

Leaderboards: Give players the chance to compete with friends and families and boost their rank on the virtual chart. It serves as a great source of motivation..

Tournaments: You can create time-bounded tournaments in the game where gamers are competing for the top position. This gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Cooperative Play: You can give players the option to collaborate and play together as a team. This encourages communication, problem-solving skills, and user engagement.

4.Live Operations and Content: Hooking players to the game

Regular updates with live operations are a way to keep the players interested in the game. Here are a few examples:

Live Operations: Make new levels, challenges, and different content on a regular basis to give the players a fresh feel.

Seasonal Content: You can apply the real-world changes to the game as well. Try a cool gaming interface during holidays and other exciting times. This keeps things new and makes people want to play again when these events happen!

5. Monetization Strategies (Making Money with Your Candy Crush Clone)

Now, once you have created your own Candy Crush Saga clone perfectly, how do you start generating revenue from it?
Here are some ways to help you earn money with the game:

In-App Purchases: In-app purchases are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to earn revenue. With this, players are allowed to purchase some boosters power ups to overcome the challenges in the game. But while implementing this, be careful. Don’t make it too hard to play without buying things. People won’t like it if they can’t win without spending money.

Targeted Advertising: Advertising with the right audience can be a great idea. But you need to find a balance. Too many advertisements can annoy the players and downgrade the reputation of your game. You can try a reward based system where users get certain points for watching an ad. This gives them an incentive to continue with the game.

Subscription Model: A subscription revenue model is a decent way to generate revenue. In this, players are granted certain privileges, rights and extra features to enhance and facilitate their gaming experience. This could also include an ad-free gaming experience. The idea is to introduce a revenue model in a way that doesn’t compromise the user’s gaming experience.

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6. Development Considerations: Creating games like Candy Crush Saga

Now that you have planned the gaming setup and revenue models, the next step is to consider the development options for your clone. Let’s understand:

Game Engines: Experienced coders and developers can build games from scratch using certain renowned tools like Unity and Unreal Engine. These engines offer tools, flexibility, and customization options to help you design your own ideas, visuals, effects, and animations.

Pre-Built Source Code: For those who want to build from scratch and go the easy way, Candy Crush clone source code can be an easy starting point. But make sure you have permission to use the code before you buy it. Using someone else’s work without permission can cause problems.

7. Mobile Optimization

Most of the users, not all, but a significant percentage of users play the games on mobile due to its convenience and portability. So, it’s very important that your game delivers a smooth gaming experience on various platforms. Consider the following points:

Brilliant Graphics, Small Screens: Make your game enticing on small screens while ensuring its functionality. Use smart tricks to keep things smooth.

Easy Navigation and Touch Controls: Swapping candies, using special powers, and getting around should all feel natural when playing on a touch screen.

Fast Loading Times: Nobody likes to wait, especially for a thrilling gaming experience. Make sure your game loads fast so players can jump right in and start playing.

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Standing Out from the Crowd

The success of your app depends on how unique and intriguing it is from the existing versions. The goal is to create a new, lucrative and adventurous game that surpassess people’s expectations. You can create a fun ocean world with fish instead of candy or maybe a magical land with cool creatures. A catchy name and fun characters can also contribute to your brand name and popularity.

Final Word

The world of mobile gaming is booming and offering numerous games for game developers. By carefully analyzing the existing games like Candy Crush saga, you can create your own version. The key lies in providing an intriguing and new experience for the users while maintaining familiarity. With careful planning, strategy and execution, you can launch your own candy crush saga successfully.

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