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An On-Demand Plumber Service App Can Elevate Your Business

Nowadays, it is essential to manage time efficiently to meet deadlines at home and in the workplace. In between this hectic schedule, people do not get time to look for a plumber to fix broken pipes or disrupted water supply. But these small household works are our basic needs, and none can function things properly without getting these jobs done.

Though, now, things are not as tough as before. With the help of the plumber app development, the latest technological advancements have made the process straightforward and effortless. Through a plumber app, you can book an appointment with reliable plumbers. These plumbers have the necessary modern tools and technology to facilitate qualitative services.

With an on-demand Plumber App, you can do much more. Let us give you a brief on Plumber Apps.

What is On-demand Plumber App?

The on-demand plumber app is a mobile application that provides plumbing services to users. The application allows the users to browse through different plumbing professionals registered on the app and hire plumbers at their convenience.

The app makes sure you receive the right serviceman at the right time. With this app, you can schedule an appointment with experienced plumbers from your locality, nearby areas, and city. So don’t worry about the water leakage, broken pipes, and taps. Just go to the Plumber app, select your serviceman and get it fixed!

What is On-demand Plumber App Development?

On-demand plumber app development refers to developing a mobile application for hiring plumbers. The app includes various features required by plumbers and their customers.

It is developed under the supervision of an expert plumber app development company. The organization takes into account the project requirements and develops the application accordingly. They also handle the testing phase of the project. This app development is a unique service as it involves various technical features.

It works on a different pattern. The user must enter their location through GPS or city name and hit the enter key. The developed application will show details of the service provider in the area. Along with this, it will also display contact details, reviews, and ratings. The user can choose any service provider based on their preference.

The on-demand plumber app development process is executed in three steps:

  • Interviews, tests, data collection, and research to understand the market and client requirements.
  • Development and testing include coding and testing of the application.
  • Quality analysis and integration of the application onto the clients’ server.

Work Flow of Plumber App

The workflow of the plumber app is straightforward.

  • To begin with, users and plumbers sign up for the application by filling in the required details.
  • After signing up, they can scroll through the application to either book services or serve customers.
  • Once the connection is established, users can chat with the chosen plumber to share their requirements and location. All the work-related matters can be discussed in this conversation.
  • Once the job is finished, users can pay the plumber through multiple payment modes.
  • At the end of the process, users can rate and review services and talk about their experiences.

Features of On-demand Plumber App

Plumber apps are full of attractive features that are useful for everyone.

The application is developed by keeping customers, plumbers, and admin in mind. All the features are aligned and integrated properly to support smooth functionality. Here are some of the most crucial features of the app.

Customer App Features

Sign in/sign up – Sign in/sign up feature lets users create an account on the application. Users can also log in through social media accounts.  

Profile Management – Users can manage their profiles and decide how much information they want to share with the public. 

Appointment Scheduling – Based on requirements, users can book an appointment with the plumber of their choice. 

In-app chat/call – Customers can speak to the selected plumber and discuss the work. 

Push Notifications – Push notifications inform users about ongoing offers, services, and products. It keeps them updated with the latest information. 

Cost Estimations – Customers can use the cost calculator to compare the price of services offered by the plumbers and then hire the best one for the work. 

Digital Payments – Through digital wallets, users can clear the bill just by clicking a few buttons.

Rating and Reviews – After taking services, users can rate or write a detailed review of the hired plumber.

Plumber App Features

Plumber Profile Management – The plumber profile will contain all information about the plumber, including work experience, services, contact details, and pictures. The profile owner makes specific changes as per their wish. 

Availability Toggle – It will display the availability and unavailability of the plumber. Through this feature, plumbers can fix their working hours. 

Accept or Reject Order – This option will allow the professional to accept or cancel a service request. 

In-app Navigation – This section is put during the on-demand plumber app development process to avoid miscommunication between the user and plumber. In-app navigation directs the serviceman to the work location. 

Location Tracker – The location tracker helps servicemen to find the address of their clients.

Apart from these features, there are various other options available in the app that promotes easy navigation and smooth functionality. 

Such as the admin panel, analytics, daily reports, order history, customer support, tutorials, FAQ section, etc.

How can On-demand Plumber App Benefits your Business?

There is a prevalent need for on-demand plumbing applications in the market. This mobile application is quite advantageous for both plumber and their customers.

The application not only helps plumbers to increase their business but also guides people to find experienced servicemen. Thus, investing in plumber app development can be beneficial for you in many ways. Here are some of its highlights-

Build a Community

With a unique interface, a user-friendly plumbing service app can act as an agent between plumbers and customers. Through analytics, you can collect data and connect with both users and plumbers to build a community of people. The collected data and connections will support you in establishing your business.

Directly Reach Out to Potential Customers

The plumber app is a multi-purpose platform. It enhances interpersonal communication and gives customers access to relevant information about the plumber. Due to your online presence, customers can directly search for you and hire a plumber from your network. In addition, you can also contact them through the application. This straightforward communication will benefit your business in various ways.

Earn High Returns on Investment

The plumber app allows you to earn money in many ways. For example, you can opt for a freemium model, commission-based model, or subscription-based model. In the commission-based model, you will get a part of each plumber’s income as a commission. In the subscription model, both users and plumbers will pay a fixed amount on a monthly or yearly basis to use your application.

Whereas in the freemium model, you will earn by advertising other brands. It is up to you to decide which one you want to choose. However, all of them give a high return on investment if you have decent traffic on the application.

Zero Investment Marketing

Through the plumber app, you can build a vast network of people. You can use this network to market your current or new business, launch new services and products, and expand your business without investing a penny. It will be your platform to use for advertising your brand. Also, you can provide a discount to your customers when they avail of your services using the application. It will help you generate better sales directly through the application.

Above listed benefits is just the tip of the iceberg. Plumber App development is beneficial in many other ways that you will know while operating it for your customers. 

How can UberClone help you?

UberClone is developing various applications in various domains as per clients’ requirements. We are a well-known plumber app development company, and we are serving clients across the globe. We have helped many businesses gain expertise and sales through our development services. Therefore, get in touch with our team and hire a development team for your application. We offer premium quality services at affordable prices. 


The on-demand plumber app development services have been flourishing for the few last years. It is bringing the tech revolution to the repairing industry. People are loving the innovation and comfort it offers. Thus, they are hiring more people through the application than in person.

Investing in Plumber app development can give you enormous business opportunities. However, your application should be customer-friendly and easy to navigate.

In absence of excellence, your application will hit the ground. So for application development, you need to hire a well-reputed company that has prior experience in developing such applications.

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