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Key Features To Develop candy crush saga clone development

The match-3 puzzle games are a big craze among mobile gamers. It is because such games come with simple rules, incredible graphics, and a lot of interesting features which keep players glued to the screen. Such aspects make games like Candy Crush Saga Clone a great choice for developers and investors who intend to earn huge money in the gaming arena.

If you want to develop a clone of this popular game, you must be familiar with it and must know the cost and features, which make it a distinctive choice.

What is Candy Crush Saga?

This is one of the few top-notch games which needs no introduction. But if you are a new gamer, Candy Crush Saga is a wonderful puzzle game with infinite levels. It was brought on 12 April 2012 by St. Julian.

This single-player game stood strong as an excellent business model and, in just a few months of its inception, became a huge craze among mobile gamers. The players initially get 5 lives, and when these lives are exhausted, the players have to send invitations to their Facebook friends for more lives. Eventually, the masses around the world got engaged in this game.

Understanding the gameplay is vital for developing a rich Candy Crush Clone Source Code that runs on a similar principle. But in addition to brilliant gameplay, the captivating aspect of this game is its exclusive features. Hence, for developing a game like Candy Crush Saga, you must ensure that your clone app inculcates the following features.

Key Features To Consider For Developing Candy Crush Saga Clone App

1. Multiple Levels and Puzzles – Including interesting and multiple levels and puzzles at regular intervals in your app keep the players engaged in the game.

2. Numerous Ways to Earn Rewards – Daily boosters, rewards after completion of each level, and new challenges keep the players excited, and they look forward to playing the game every day.

3. Variety of Challenges – Target Score, Ingredients Collection, Order Mode, Clear the Jelly, and more such challenges work as a sugar-coating for the players, which they always want to explore.

4. Single Player-cum-Multiplayer – The other amazing feature of this game is that you can play it as a single-player or with others as a multi-player. Having contenders and companions by your side infuses competitiveness among the players.

5. Social Media Integration – You know that Candy Crush Saga comes with Facebook integration, a significant reason for its immense success. For your clone app to be equally successful, you must integrate it with a popular social media platform, bringing more engagement and competitiveness among the users.

6. Responsiveness – The game is easily adjustable among various screens and devices. Players can even open full game highlights using Wi-Fi or the internet.

7. Game Graphics – This is one of the most important features to consider for developing a Games Like Candy Crush Saga. The Candy Crush Saga incorporates around 9 thousand animated elements, including distinct rewards and foundations. To gain similar interaction from your clone app, you need to focus on creating exquisite graphics.

8. Discussions – The players look forward to this feature in puzzle-matching gaming apps as it lets them know about the new events, features, levels, and news. It serves as a one-stop solution for the players for their gaming issues.

9. Support – It is a must-have feature in your game, like candy crush saga, that helps players get quick fixes to their problems related to the game. It also provides related articles to solve the problem.

10. King Community – Users love this feature as it allows them to stay connected to other players playing the King game. Using this feature, the players can communicate with each other.

11. Contests – This feature creates curiosity among the players as they seek to play fascinating contests that give them a chance to win community badges, surprises, and gold bars.

12. Helping Videos – This vital feature offers players instant help in completing different game levels by watching videos. Including this feature in your clone app will help users move ahead with the game when they are stuck at any particular level.

13. Flexible Dashboard – The dashboard must incorporate distinct game settings with numerous animated controls.

14. Sound Track – The game soundtrack must match well with its graphics, enhancing the overall experience for the players. To develop a Candy Crush clone, you must include at least three different soundtracks for your game menu, field, and levels.

15. User Interface – For your app to be a hit amongst the audience, it must have a powerful user interface, making the users have a wonderful time using it. Make a simple design that is easily understandable among the users and encourages them to use the app.

Before you hire a company, you must know the Cost and Features of Clone App Development, so that you don’t end up paying more.

The Cost Of Developing A Game Like Candy Crush Saga Clone

Though there is no exact price for mobile game development, this entirely depends on what kind of app you want. There are numerous things worth considering while developing the mobile gaming app, and the key focus points are:

  • App complexity
  • Advanced features
  • App features
  • Mobile app development team
  • Targeted platforms
  • UX/UI of Game Design
  • Social media integration
  • Game structure

Most of the top game app development companies charge around $15K – $40K as per the app features and your requirements. Hence, you must hire a renowned app development company. So, develop a Candy Crush Saga Clone to earn enormous profits, engagement, and monetary gains.


Developing an app like Candy Crush Saga is not a simple task. Only a reputed gaming app development company like Uber Clone App can provide you with a rich Candy Crush Saga Clone Code at a pocket-friendly price. Uber Clone App possesses an efficient in-house team of developers and designers and can offer you the exact solutions for your needs. You can even ask them for a quote for absolutely free.

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