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Develop On-Demand Doctor App Development

The pandemic era has taught us many things. One of the positive sides of it is digitization. Although the digitization revolution began before the pandemic, it gained pace during these times.

The healthcare sector is one of the many industries that have benefitted from the digitization transformation. People now don’t have to go through stressful situations or witness unpleasant scenarios in a hospital setup.

An on-demand Doctor Appointment Scheduling Software solves the problem of visiting health care centers for trivial ailments, and it also helps avoid the detested, bleak stench of hospitals. An on-demand app saves money, but it also helps in social distancing in this pandemic era.

What is an On-Demand Doctor App?

The doctor on demand app acts as a mediator between doctors and potential patients, and it helps connect them with outside healthcare establishments like clinics and hospitals. Patients can get diagnosed by a professional doctor using their mobile phones via a doctor app.

An on-demand doctor app helps connect doctors and patients in a highly customizable way. An easy user interface allows patients to telecommunicate and keep electronic health records for further analysis.

Patients can book appointments conveniently depending on the availability of doctors. Since there are a lot of registered doctors, patients do not have to wait to get their turn.

On-Demand Doctor App Development provides a safe environment for both patients and doctors. Patients can get consultations remotely without the fear of transmitting or catching a disease.

Essential Features Of On-demand Doctor App Development

You have to make sure that your patients can use the applications without trouble. Apart from an easy user interface, there are several features that an on-demand doctor app should have to make its use easier for the patients.

Doctor And Patient Registration

Every on-demand app must have a registration setup page, and the doctor’s profile should have all the necessary details containing specialty, experience, and registration. This way, patients can choose their doctors wisely.

On the other hand, patients should create their profiles with information letting doctors analyze it efficiently. It should include their health conditions, age, gender, and additional important information.

Search Option

It will help patients find the relevant doctors using keywords and filters depending on their medical condition. They can search for doctors according to specialization, price range, degrees, location, and rating and select the most suitable option.

Appointment Scheduling/Management

Patients can use this feature to schedule appointments. One-click booking, cancelation, and rescheduling are some essential features of a Doctor Appointment App.

Doctors can manage their schedules using the feature and collect time slots, patient appointment confirmations, and medical records.

In-App Chat

This feature in Medical Appointment Scheduling Software allows patients and doctors to interact. The doctors can gain more insight into the patient’s medical condition, and the doctors can ask for additional information before confirming the appointment.

It will allow doctors and patients to understand the treatment procedures and things to avoid before consulting with a specialist.

Video Conferencing

The live video conference feature allows doctors to diagnose patients remotely before booking a one-on-one appointment. The live interaction saves time and lets doctors understand their patients more efficiently.

Doctors can better understand patients by interacting with patients and making them feel comfortable before patients visit them. It will avoid stressful situations for doctors and patients.

Document Scanning Sharing

Patients can scan their medical documents and upload them to the app securely. It will allow doctors hassle-free examinations of the patients depending on their medical history.

Doctors can also share prescriptions and treatments required by uploading them. Patients can easily access and benefit from them remotely.

Payment Options

On-Demand Doctor App Development Company helps to comprise the integration of a payment gateway, which will allow patients to make payments conveniently. Adding multiple payment options like debit/credit card, net banking, and e-wallet make it a seamless experience for patients and doctors alike. The automatic invoices help manage payment records and pay-slip generation.

You should ensure that this step is as smooth as possible because it is one of the patients’ last steps before confirming their appointments. A highly secure payment gateway that allows quick processing time using few actions will make the payment process hassle-free for patients.


The real-time notification allows users to keep track of their appointment schedule and get reminders about the time slot, doctor availability, and medicines.

They can also get notified when they have their next appointment scheduled beforehand. It will ensure that patients do not miss their regular check-ups.

Help Centers

The app should have an active support service that works 24/7 to help patients in need. It proves highly beneficial in emergencies where patients with acute and chronic ailments can get immediate help.

Patients can also seek help if they do not find a relevant doctor on the app. The support service can then find the most suitable doctor for them.

Steps To Make Your On-Demand Doctor App A Reality

Here is the list of steps to take before launching your Doctor Appointment Software.

Find A Competitive Software Development Company

Once you decide to make an on-demand doctor app, you should get a quote from a reputable software development company. You have to ensure that you cover all the essential details, and it will help you get an accurate Mobile App Development Cost for On-Demand App.

Compile Features

Before undergoing Healthcare Appointment Scheduling Software, get a non-disclosure agreement signed by the app development company. Discuss the core features you wish to add. It will help the developers know your needs and offer suggestions accordingly. They will then create a project and prototype depending on your requests.

Security Compliance

You should also ensure that the data shared by you and your patients are highly secure and encrypted. Integrating AI technology can enhance security and avoid data breaches. A scalable security feature allows updates and improves the productivity of the app.

App Demo Approval

Once the prototype is approved, the actual app development stage initiates with coding, testing, and bug fixes. The developer will then compile them and provide a demo of your project. You can suggest changes to get better functionality, if any, and make the approval.

Launch the App

After the requested changes and approval of the final product demo, your Doctor Appointment Booking Software is ready for launch. You can choose to launch it on multiple platforms and according to the suitability of the location.

Market the App

Your job does not end with launching the app, and you have to make it reachable to your desired audience. Make it available on multiple platforms and advertise the benefits of using an on-demand doctor app on social media.


Technological advancement has helped progress the healthcare industry and make it available to every section of society. Making it more efficient is an essential part of making healthcare more accessible.

You have to consider several crucial factors while developing an App for Doctors/Healthcare industry. The pandemic has taught us many lessons, and one of them is to adapt to new situations. The healthcare industry has found its way around the IT industry to incorporate it for benefitting health workers and patients.

Integrating in-demand features with the doctor app using innovative strategies and AI technology makes treatment reachable far and wide. People sitting in remote areas can now efficiently get diagnosed and find solutions to their conditions.

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