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A Mobile App Development Cost For An On-demand Delivery App

A Surge In App Development Industry

Smartphones have become everyone’s most important gadget throughout the day. So, businesses and services are investing more in developing personalized apps to connect with their existing and potential users.

As the pandemic hit hard last year, the app development market saw a massive surge worldwide. More companies are willing to launch their own app to match with the trend and reach more customers.

Now each on-demand app development requires a particular cost that the development service determines based on your distinct requirements. Here, we will discuss what factors determine an on-demand app development cost.


The mobile app development cost for an on-demand delivery app involves several significant factors. The key cost drivers of any app development vary based on those factors.

The app-building strategy, app functionalities, device compatibility, development platform, testing, security, hosting, and maintenance are different for different apps. Apart from that, the enterprise company will add any additional cost requirements.

Be it an On Demand House Cleaning App or other types of on-demand apps; the cost will vary based on different factors. So, you need to pay attention to the factors that set the app development cost.

Factors Determining The Mobile App Development Cost

Soon, we can expect most mobile app development efforts will focus on building browser-based applications. When it comes to browser-based apps, these are simple websites that are crafted for mobile browsers.

Users can load the sites fast via a cellular network. Also, they offer finger-friendly navigation. Also, determining the platform for app development will help developers indicate the development time and its complete cost.

Each platform, like iOS, Android, and others, differs from one another. So, the development price shifts from platform to platform. Besides these two factors, there are some major aspects that will determine any on-demand app development cost.

Here are important variables that influence mobile app development cost:

Type of App

First, the size of a mobile app determines its development cost. That’s why the sector is divided into three categories: large, medium, and small.

  • Usually, small apps require a single platform and limited functionalities with standard UO components. These apps don’t require any meticulous backend development or API integrations.
  • Here come the medium apps that use a single platform but require custom UI experience and payment facilities. Also, some medium apps are crafted for more platforms but are far less complex than large apps.
  • Finally, large or complex apps require more features like third-party integrations, multi-language support, professional design, etc. Apart from that, these apps also require complex backend development to store and manage bigger databases.


The platforms for which you are building the app significantly affect development costs. Developing an app for just one platform will cost way less than for multiple platforms.

Also, if you have to develop accompanying applications for connected wearables and SMART TVs, it will raise the entire mobile development cost. Interestingly, cost varies from platform to platform.

In case you want your app to support older devices, it will also take up more time and effort from developers. Hence, the mobile app development cost can gradually increase if it supports various types of devices.

App Features

You are investing in an on-demand mobile app because you want to provide certain services to the user’s mobile device. So, today the success factor with a mobile app is seamless use of its features.

It allows users to handle the app without any confusion. Therefore, the app must have excellently crafted structures of features. Also, these features have to go through meticulous testing; so that they provide great service.

Maintenance and Marketing Cost

Just investing in app development won’t take your business further. You have to consider its future maintenance and marketing cost too. After all, to keep an app completely updated, a team must work on new updates.

With new updates, the functionalities of the app and features become more user-friendly, fixing out various bugs. But you also need marketing for the app to reach out to your targeted audience. So, it’s necessary to include the cost of maintenance and marketing to stand out in the competitive market.

Level of Complexity

As the app features get complex, the testing process takes longer. The complexity and number of features along with the test extends to increase the cost as well.

Suppose you want an On Demand Mechanic App for your mechanic service. Depending on how complex the app features and functionalities you want for your users, the app price will increase. For example, if you are integrating various payment methods into it, the development cost will differ from an app with simple features.

App Hosting Cost

Every mobile application deals with an unlimited number of data. And based on the business and traffic density, you will need appropriate servers for rent. So, the hosting charge can start from $25 per month and above.

The price of hosting depends mainly on the unique factors of the app. For example, video service to users will be more intensive than regular text-based content. Apart from that, the app’s projected growth and active users will also determine the app hosting cost.

Application Security Cost

Most apps of today shouldn’t do without app security services. But most companies usually pay less attention to app security even when it’s a must-have. The application should keep the users’ data safe as they use the app.

In case an app lets the users’ data stay unsafe, the app and the company become untrustworthy to its existing and potential customers. So, it will be a clever decision for a company to invest in data security during the app development period.

In case a major security breach happens, it can break your business apart. However, app security costs will be additional depending on the depth of the security you want for your business.

How Can We Help You Build An On-Demand Delivery App?

Uber clone is an on-demand delivery app creation service. Here we provide you with on-demand apps made with clone scripts of similar types of popular apps.

It means you get your app for your business ready within a short period of time. As the app will be made with a dedicated clone script, it will have all the features and functionalities of the clone script.

However, you can customize the app 100% if you want any changes within the app. It means you get complete flexibility in making a customized app while having all the key attributes of the clone app script.

As we conduct complete market research before creating these clone scripts for our customers, you will receive the best app for your business. We design, test, develop and release all the needed features for a particular type of clone script.

So, the app’s final version includes all the must-have features of a reputed on-demand delivery app. It will provide a simple, user-friendly gateway where your users can order services easily and securely.

Final Words

If you want your on-demand delivery business to skyrocket, you must choose a balanced approach that can lead you to achieve profitability. Be it an On Demand Handyman App or any other type of clone app, having an app today is important.

When you start small and humble, it will gradually scale your business. Also, you would need to think about many ways by which you can minimize all the necessary expenses.

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