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All In One Clone App Script – Readymade All In One App Clone

On-demand parcel delivery app script is a wonderful app that helps customers to use the necessary services whenever they need them. When a person wants to deliver a parcel in the city, outside the city, or outside the country, they need an effective online parcel service system. Your parcel delivery all-in-one app will help in the process. It will also boost your business growth as users will quickly sign in for your service to deliver their parcel via the app. With the readymade all-in-one clone app script, you can create your own parcel delivery app and grow your business.

all in one app clone app script

How Our Readymade Solution Helps?

For a decade or more, the market for on-demand delivery apps has boomed, providing users their most effective delivery services. Similarly, there are some parcel delivery services that are coming up with their own apps. Therefore, to make your parcel delivery service stand strong on the growing tide, you will need a dedicated all-in-one clone app. But all-in-one clone app development from scratch will take around three to six months to build. So, why not use an all-in-one clone app script for your service? You will have our customizable readymade app for your on-demand courier delivery app It is not only user-friendly but also more interactive. Apart from the in-built features, you will be able to add more features of your need and functionalities to it. Moreover, our customizable parcel delivery clone app is suitable for both iOS and Android users. So, you will be able to reach customers of both platforms.

What Do You Get With Our On-demand All-in-one App Script?

The on-demand all-in-one parcel delivery app script is about securely delivering user parcels to their correct destinations. This intelligent parcel delivery system helps the customers and merchants to keep track of their parcels diligently while delivery executives take the parcels to their destination on time. Here’s what our on-demand all-in-one app script has to offer:

Our Features

The on-demand all-in-one clone app development comes with a plethora of features of customers, merchants, drivers, and admins. These rich features of the app will surely help merchants spread their business to a wider audience.

Customer Features

Sign Up login

Customers can register with various methods or log in to the parcel delivery app.

Advance Search

After signing in, customers can check a particular type of product for ordering.

Pick Destination

Customers can give the details of the pick destination of their parcels.

Send/Receive Order

Customer app comes with the sending/receiving order facility.

fare estimate
Fare Estimation

Based on the parcel delivery destination, the app shows estimated fare.

Multiple Payment Modes

Customers can pay for the parcel delivery service via multiple payment modes.

Push Notification

Enabling push notification will help to receive updates about any order.

schedule rides
Schedule Pickup & Delivery

Schedule the parcel pickup and delivery on customers’ preferred timing.

schedule rides
Reschedule & Cancel Delivery

Customers can reschedule and even cancel a parcel delivery if it’s necessary.

Real Time Tracking

It’s possible to track how far the dispatched parcel has reached in real time.

In App Call/Chat

Customers can connect with merchants and delivery personnels with in-app call/chat.

Profile/Account Setting

After registering and signing in, customers can set their profile in the app.

Rating & Feedback

It’s possible to track the parcel delivery service and add feedback.

View Order History

For sending similar orders, one can look into the order history service.

Driver’s Features


Delivery executives can login to the app to provide their service.

Manage Profile

Drivers can manage their profile via the driver’s app.

Accept/Reject Order

Drivers have the facility of accepting or rejecting certain orders if it’s necessary.

Manage Multiple Deliveries

Drivers can receive multiple deliveries and manage all accordingly.

Live Route Check & Optimization

Delivery personnels can use the live route map to deliver via optimized route.

Driver’s Features
Receive Alerts & Notification

Get notifications and alerts when a new order or other delivery related information enters.

Availability Toggle

Drivers can make their availability simple with availability toggle.

Status Update

Drivers can update their delivery status quickly.

Delivery History

Drivers can also have delivery history for future record if it is required.

Earning Report

Drivers get their daily, weekly and monthly earning reports.

Admin Features
Admin Dashboard

There’s a dedicated admin panel that helps admins to keep record of all parcel delivery.

Manage orders

Admin can manage parcel orders for efficient delivery.

Manage Customers

The app can help admin to manage customers effectively.

Manage Drivers

Manage the delivery agents for timely delivery.

Assign order to nearest Driver

Admins can check the driver availability and assign orders to the nearest driver.

Payment Setup

All-in-one clone app allows admin to have details of every payment setup.

Fees/Commission Setup

Admin can determine fees or commission rate for specific destinations and additional tariff.

Admin Features
Content Management System

Admin can create, manage, and modify contents within the app.

Manage Promotions

All-in-one allows the admin to manage, create and modify various promotional offers.

Track Bookings & Deliveries

Once the order is placed, the admin can track the order until delivered.

Push Notification

Customers will get updates and details of delivery personnels via the admin portal.

Earning Report

Admin can calculate how much the delivery service is earning.

Reviews Management

Admin can manage reviews and ratings given by customers.

View Order History

For any future requirement, delivery personnels can view order history.

Advanced Report

Advanced report shows clear-cut logistics about the marketplace.

View our Demo

Get both the Android & iOs apps for free. After All building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Premium Application demo
App Demo
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Mobile : 1111111111
Email: aisdemo1@demo.demo
Password : 123456

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App Demo
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  • Username: superadmin@aistechnolabs.co.uk
  • Password: YjSaRCqFS5vhd8N5
Allinone Clone app

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Our Advanced Features

Our parcel delivery all-in-one clone app script stands out from the rest of the parcel delivery app scripts. After all, we don’t just provide service, but we also make sure to deliver ultimate client satisfaction.

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Free app

Your parcel delivery all-in-one clone app will receive regular updates to bypass any security issues and bugs.

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90 Days Support
To Fix Errors

After you get the script, we will provide 90 days of support for free to fix all your errors.

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100% Customizable Clone Solutions

You can customize all the features and functionalities of the clone solutions according to your requirement.

texi thumbs
Ready & Tested Bug Free Script

Before we deliver the script to you, we will make sure that the script is bug-free and ready for immediate launch.

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The readymade parcel all-in-one clone app development supports multiple languages.

texi thumbs
Support For Multiple Currencies

Your parcel delivery app will support multiple currencies for receiving payments.

texi thumbs
Multiple Payment Modes

It comes with multiple payment options for customers and merchants alike.

What Makes Us Distinct From Other On-demand App Development Companies?

The app development market is booming as lots of app development companies have joined the competitive creative market. But we can assure you that our service has a distinct touch to it than other companies. We always stand out because we not only just deliver the clone script but also the following services to our users.

  • Comprehensive customizations
  • Timely deployment
  • Secure installation
  • Multi-platform operations
  • Appropriate support & maintenance
  • Cost-efficient solutions
  • Powerful admin dashboard
  • Performance scalability :
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Scalable Product
  • Whitelabel Solution
  • Cost Effective
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Easily Accomodate a number of user activity
Allinone clone

Technology Stack

Tech Stack - Android


Android Studio Version :4.1.1
Language :Java

Tech Stack - iOS


iOS :- Swift 4.2
xcode 12.3(Interface builder)



Backend: Node JS
Database: MongoDB

How to Monetize your All in one Delivery?

You can certainly monetize the courier delivery app script through commission from each parcel ordered, annual subscriptions, promotional fee from merchants, and more.

Why Choose Our On-demand Courier Delivery Clone Script?

With our on-demand courier delivery app script, we will be able to deliver you the best all-in-one parcel delivery app within a much shorter time frame. You receive all the top features and functionalities of the all-in-one delivery app at your service. With the script, the app development process becomes easier than building it from scratch. And that’s not all when it comes to our on-demand courier delivery clone script. You will also receive the following top advantages of owning the script:

Available for android and iOS

Available for Android and iOS

Expert Developers for apps like Uber

Expertized Developers

Pre And Post Sales Support

Pre And Post Sales Support

easy to operate app

Easy to operate apps

Efficient cost

Efficient cost

Proper deliverable management of product

Proper deliverable management of product

Ready Made Solution

Secure installation

Successful track record

Best support and maintenance

Attractive UI/UX

Attractive UI/UX

Ready Made Solution

Ready Made Solution

Successful track record

Successful track record

100% client satisfaction

100% client satisfaction

Transparent communication

Transparent communication

Privacy & NDA

Privacy & NDA

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your requirements, the development cost of the all-in-one app will vary. The features and functionalities you want to add or remove will determine the final fee.

Of course, we provide customization based on the client requirements. You will get exactly what you are looking for. Customization allows you to add or subtract features and functionalities in the script.

Yes, if the contract between us mentions giving you the source code along with the app, you will receive it. Though, you can only get the source code after the successful development of the parcel delivery app.

Yes, we will deliver the online courier tracking app similar to the demo app, unless you are opting for customization. If you want, you can go for customization to meet your business requirement.

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