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Customized CSGO Crash Game Software

You can run your gambling platform effectively to maintain the efficiency of our backend programming. Our CSGO crash source code is an excellent element to seamlessly perform backend operations. Our experts have designed the code using sophisticated norms to smoothly run backend operations.

At Uber Clone App, we offer the best CSGO crash software that is developed and designed by skilled developers. They have used the advanced node.js version to gain better outcomes. Our software is backed by docker which renders better scalability, security, and environmental isolation. We offer an extensive range of games that are tailored as per the customer’s requirements and advanced market trends.

Our CSGO crash script is a perfect solution for users of all types to secure a flourishing business of different scales.

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Advanced Readymade CSGO Crash Script

We deliver an unmatched CSGO Crash Software that functions as a robust web service offering an exciting game experience on multiple platforms. We provide a vital business module, which is profitable and rewarding. Once you purchase this software, you can run it on multiple servers to offer users a wonderful gaming time.

We provide software that boasts incredible features, which help create a spectacular gaming site and serve the needs of players across the world. We are skilled experts that have designed the software using advanced norms. It is a competent tool and offers the best support to its users.

The software holds a strong foundation on which the web application or website functions. Our gaming script incorporates exceptional features, and our script, source code, and software are a great solution for you to invest in the gaming business. Such fundamental factors allow you to hold a prospering game business easily.

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Benefits With Our CSGO Crash Source Code

We offer a scalable and efficient game script that renders revolutionary norms in the gaming industry. It offers a superior experience to the users. The script functions smoothly on all operating systems and integrates brilliant features. It is backed with advanced technologies that make sure you avail of an ultimate experience. However, it is bifurcated into two divisions.


Admin Panel

Our script delivers an admin panel, which is a wonderful solution enabling the users to offer a captivating experience. It offers an exclusive feature that makes it simple for the admin to conveniently manage the game.


Players Panel

We are experts that have crafted an efficient panel for the players that offers an enjoyable game time and allows players to represent their skills on numerous platforms.

Our Crash Software Features

Our game source code is supported with a wide assortment of features. The game is exciting, interesting and super-engaging that delivers an outstanding game time to the users.

Admin Features


Administration Control Panel

A robust control panel allows you to manage all game operations conveniently.



Custom profile page helps admin to login easily and offer the top-notch game experience.


Admin Dashboard

Manage the game data and mechanics easily with a scalable and flexible dashboard.


User Management

Keep a close check on users’ details like messages, registration information, and more.


Gameplay Mechanics

Handle aspects of CSGO crash software like gameplay events, blinds, duration, and other elements.


Payment System

Efficient payment system to manage payments without witnessing delays.


Money Deposit and Withdraw Management

Deposit and withdraw money in the admin’s account with zero hassles.


Account Management

An efficient accounting system to carry secured and smooth monetary transactions.


Inventory Management

Maintain a track record of all stock and inventories using our script.


Provably Fair with the Use of Crypto

Backed with strong technicalities delivering players a fair chance of winning cryptocurrency.



Look at all details like numbers of loss, wins, and money earned until now.

Player’s Features


Simple and short process for signing up or logging in the game.

Game Play

Engaging gameplay runs smoothly on distinct platforms and offers enormous enjoyment to the players.

Live Chat

Our CSGO crash script comes with a fun-filled live chat feature to make the game enjoyable and interesting.


Money Deposit and Withdraw

Deposit and withdraw money from your winning lot with ease and complete security.

Game History

View a record of previous game details and have a spectacular game time.

Support Center

he support team will handle all technical and gaming related issues proficiently.

Advanced Features

Our crash game software incorporates uncountable exceptional features, which lets you enjoy a spectacular game business. We offer world-class solutions, and our solution are supported with incomparable aspects.

Club Management

Create novel clubs and remove or add members to each club. The gameplay duration, game tables, lobby, and other features can be customized.

Authorized Poker Script

We provide a GLI certification that meets complete game standards and certifications so you can use anywhere without any legal issues.

Random Number Generator

We provide a spectacular multiplayer PHP poker script holding RNG certification to maintain complete transparency among players by choosing winners through random clicks.

Host Unlimited Tables and Players

A rich source code of the game that enables users to conveniently generate multiple tournament tables and invite numerous players in the setup.

Live Video

Players can share and record live videos among each other and social networking platforms to attract other players.

Multi-Language Support

The script supports innumerable languages which enable players to play freely in the language of their preference.


In-Built Game Engine

An efficient engine that excellently handles all game logics and data sets. It saves the money from hiring third party support solutions.

Progressive Web App

Efficient crash game source code renders quick loading pages. The script comes with PWA integration to safeguard it without visiting the app store.

Omaha Hi-Lo

We offer the popular variation of Omaha Hi-Lo, which is a spectacular game variation across the world.

Agent Module

Create 4-modules of agents such as Sub Agent, Super Admin, child agent, and Master agent and share rake commission on a percentage basis.

100% Browser Based

Our PHP script is compatible with all web hosting platforms. It works on multiple browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and others.

Full Statistics Tracking

Our poker site holds a dedicated poker engine that lets players track their allies, statistics, biggest wins, wins, and folds.

Professional Poker Engine

Our crash game script is powered by a PHP script that makes the game more fun and professional.

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Get both the Android & iOs apps for free. After All building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!


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How Does Our Crash Software Script Works



  • Login ,Dashboard
  • Bet management
  • Deposit/Withdrawal/Reward management
  • CMS management


  • Login/ Signup
  • Social media login
  • Place bet - Manual and auto
  • Auto cashout
  • Chat
  • Affilate
  • Provably fair
  • Deposit/Withdrawal

What Makes Us Distinct from Other Crash Software Development Companies?

Our software is extremely productive and provides the highest-quality graphics, which make it easy for the users to play and understand the game. Our CSGO crash game script is backed with numerous qualitative features so that it stands as an ultimate solution among the users. The secured payment functionality, superior compatibility, rich performance, and exceptional graphic design offer an enhanced game experience. The best thing is that the game can be tailored as per the user’s demand.

  • setting_icons

    Comprehensive customizations

  • setting_icons

    Timely deployment

  • setting_icons

    Secure installation

  • setting_icons

    Multi-platform operations

  • setting_icons

    Appropriate support & maintenance

  • setting_icons

    Cost-efficient solutions

  • setting_icons

    Powerful admin dashboard

  • setting_icons

    Performance scalability

  • setting_icons

    Turnkey Solution

  • setting_icons

    Scalable Product

  • setting_icons

    Whitelabel Solution

  • setting_icons

    Cost Effective

  • setting_icons

    Native Mobile Apps

  • setting_icons

    Easily Accomodate a number of user activity


Technology Stack :-



  • Android Studio Version :4.1.1
  • Language :Java


  • iOS : Swift 4.2
  • xcode 12.3(Interface builder)


  • Backend: Node JS
  • Database: MongoDB

How To Monetize Your Crash Software

We are a team of professionals offering the best crash game source code, which is tailored using the advanced technologies. It allows you to earn from the lost rewards, lost games, and promotional videos and pop-ups.


Why Choose Our Crash Software Solution?

Our CSGO crash script is the best in the industry and can be installed conveniently in a few minutes. We offer a multiplayer game that enables players to enjoy a wonderful time. With our gaming script, the players gain incredible game challenges that no poker game provides.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. We do offer a crash software with GLI certification that is permissible across the world. Our gaming license ensures you enjoy a trouble-free time while exploring the best game in the arena.

A. The development time for our software depends on numerous factors and the user's needs. Our gaming script is custom-made and developed based on personal preferences and choices. However, we need at least 3 months for basic script development.

A. The development cost for a crash software depends on multiple factors like features, time, technologies, and other parameters. It is possible to select from distinct pricing packages to enjoy a wonderful game experience.

A. Our experts can make changes to the crash software at a custom level. We provide specialized services based on innovative techniques. You can start a prospering game business and can become a pro using our script.

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